Opened in 2009, this fully air-conditioned state of the art centre caters for all students reading and research needs from Prep through to Year 12.

It includes a spacious general use area, workroom & office, information commons with a unique laptop bar and two meeting rooms. Outside is a shaded amphitheatre area with seating and chessboard.

MLRC takes up the entire bottom floor of Jackson House in an L shape. This Resource Centre was named after Dorothy Mulder in honour of her 45 Years servitude as a dedicated and inspirational teacher at Girls Grammar.

The new layout includes many features. A tiled entry takes you in to the Centre where there are comfortable couches to catch up on current events, read or just socialise with friends. There are individual study bays for quiet work and grouped tables for student/teacher collaboration, all with brightly coloured furniture. An extra-large wall clock, donated by the 2009 Seniors, is a centre point of fascination to all visitors.

The spacious junior reading area, complete with a large red ottoman, is well used by our Primary students and their ‘big sisters’ when story telling occurs. Whether sitting or lying to listen or read silently this area is used by all levels of students from Prep to Year 12.

Primary library sessions are held in this area as it offers ease of access to all reading books. Trudi Hamilton, our Librarian is often found reading to a group of Primary students.
The Information Commons hosts the Senior Study sessions and P-3 Technology sessions. The laptop bar comfortably seats 14 where laptops can be charged while in use. Staff have access to wireless connectivity, interactive whiteboard and desktop computers. A centrally located printer/copier allows students from various classes to print to the Resource Centre.

There is a meeting room able to host small classes, meetings, and private tutoring or exams. The adjacent room houses the Textbook collection for our students and doubles as the Boarding Duty Desk and office.

The Amphitheatre outside the MLRC is shaded and has tiered seating for hosting class plays, eating lunch, socialising and many other activities. The outdoor chessboard and large chess/checkers pieces are widely used by all levels of students on a daily basis. This area has power and wireless device access. See Jackson House for photos of this area.