Max and Margaret Littleton have a long-standing relationship with Girls Grammar. Margaret Littleton was a student here in 1958 and 59. She met her husband Max two years after graduating junior and they raised a family of three in Wowan. Both of their daughters attended Girls Grammar. Margaret has been a tireless supporter of the Old Girls Association, she is a Life Member and has served on the Executive in many capacities including President, currently as Secretary.  She is a recipient of the very rare RGGS OGA Special Service Medal. Margaret, her mother, her daughters and granddaughters have attended Girls Grammar. Four generations so far with the fifth already on the way.

In 2001 the Littleton family experienced the unimaginable loss of their daughter, Karen, and their granddaughter Lara in a single car accident. The Littleton’s donation to create Littleton Plaza honours the memory of their beloved daughter and Old Girl, Karen Littleton (Rogers) who attended the School from 1979 to 1981.

Through this generous gift, Max and Margaret have brought joy to a generation of current students. They have created an outdoor–indoor teaching area in the heart of Girls Grammar School. Littleton Plaza links todays learning experience to the 19th Century Heritage of the schools beginnings. The Plaza includes a new entrance on Agnes Street featuring local sandstone. A new deck will have views to the historic Paterson House and the city. The new Littleton Plaza drama space provides both an indoor and outdoor forum for classic and modern dramatic expressions.

The Plaza is now a ‘place to meet’ which encompasses the named pavers that were sold as a fundraiser for the restoration and refurbishment of Paterson House.

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