Originally opened on 26 of July 1969, by the Queensland Minister for Local Government and Marine Activities, Hon Neville T E Hewitt, MLA., McKeague Hall is not just a hall.

McKeague Hall is located on the Agnes Street side of the school, and plays a vital role in the functioning of our school. Although not as old as some of the other buildings at Girls Grammar, McKeague Hall still plays a special part in a school rich with history and tradition, which is still going strong more than 120 years on.

As the name suggests; in fact, it consists of a variety of facilities, ranging from science laboratories on the upper floor to a drama studio on the ground floor, all encompassed by Littleton Plaza. The top floor has two large modern laboratories, which are separated by a third laboratory or project room (for extended simulations and experiments) and a teachers’ preparation room. The laboratories have provision for separate working areas for theory and practical work. The well stocked laboratories have updated equipment utilised for experiments carried out by students studying general science, or for those specialising in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science. The newly refurbished laboratories provide a pleasant working environment for the students with air-conditioning and lift access for the disabled.

The middle floor consists of the Assembly Hall (McKeague Hall). With assistance from the BGA this hall was refurbished in 2014 along with the addition of Littleton Plaza to our campus. The refurbished hall is  state-of-the-art with air-conditioning,  sound, lighting and technology available for Assemblies, drama, dance and music presentations.

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