Paterson House is the original school building which despite its age has maintained its charm and importance in the school.

The initial construction of Paterson finished in the early 1890’s but it has undergone many renovations during its life as an integral part of Girls Grammar.

The original architecture, as designed by Richard Gaile, has been preserved despite the adaptations and extensions. Paterson Hall was then described as “late nineteenth century, in keeping with the usual Australian architect’s interpretation of Gothic”, but today is seen as one of the more picturesque features of the school beautifully defined by the surrounding gardens.

The building now houses many vital features of our school, including the Principal’s office, the Director of Learning and the Director of Technology’s Offices, Reception and Student Services offices, teacher’s staff room, Dining room, Kitchen, Laundry and the prestigious Paterson Hall.

The recently renovated Reception office is located on the city side of the school near the main gardens where visitors can report and make inquiries about the school. Student Services shares this space. Near Reception there is the accounts office, where school accounts can be paid. Paterson Hall is nearby, it was used as an Assembly hall, but is now used for special functions. It is also housing our archives and museum.

Further around the building is the office of the Director of Student Wellbeing, and the entrance to the teachers staff room. Around on the far side of Paterson near the service road is the Principal’s and her Assistant”s Offices. Also the entrance to the Dining room, where boarding girls are served their meals and day students can purchase lunch and morning tea. Next to the Dining room and Kitchen is the entrance to the laundry, where boarding girls can drop off and pick up their laundry. Also located in the laundry is the lost-property collection area.