The school has many picturesque gardens for students to enjoy.

The main garden lines the driveway to the Reception office in Paterson House and can be enjoyed by the many guests and visitors to the school. Many other gardens line the buildings throughout the school to create a pleasant, relaxed environment in which the girls can relax and study.

Outside the Dining Room at Paterson House is the Terrace area, which is a popular meeting point for girls of all Year levels. Here, the boarding girls can collect their morning tea and enjoy it in the company of their friends in the shade of beautiful trees. Also the girls can choose to sit outside and eat their lunch, which proves a popular option in summer under the shady trees.

The school oval has many gardens and features as well. The oval is located at the rear of Jackson House near the gym and the sports equipment storerooms. It caters for many sporting activities; having a long-jump pit, a triple-jump pit, a volleyball net and softball diamonds. Many large, shady trees have been planted around the oval to create a cool spot for the girls to sit during the hot summer days.

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