Rockhampton Girls Grammar School Policies are continually being reviewed and updated. For further information contact  the Principal’s Office.

Alcohol Policy

Allergies Policy

Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Assessment Procedure – Secondary

Assessment Policy – Primary

Audio-Visual Viewing Policy

Belongings and Confiscation Policy

Borrowing of School Equipment for Private Use Policy

Child Protection Policy

Child Risk Management Policy

Code of Behaviour

Copyright Policy

Critical Incident Policy

Dealing with Debts Policy

Disability Policy

Dispute Resolution Policy

Donations & Fundraising Policy

Emergency and Crisis Management Policy

Enrolment Policy

Electronic Communications Policy

Elite Performance Policy

Family Law Policy

Flexible Arrangements Policy

Gifted & Talented Policy

Grievance Procedure Policy

Hostile Person on School Premises Policy

ICT Acceptable Usage Policy

Information Security Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Key Policy

Laboratory Behaviour Policy

Library Information & Resource Centre Policy

Lock Down Policy

Medication Management Policy

Naming of Physical Features Policy

Mobile Phone Guidelines

Non Smoking Policy

Parent Code of Conduct Policy

Privacy Policy

Procurement Policy

Rehabilitation Policy

Reporting Policy – Secondary

Reporting Policy – Primary

Risk Management Policy

Self-Administration of Drugs Policy

Social Media Policy

Student Drivers Policy

Sun Smart Policy

Transport – Students Policy

Uniform Policy

Workplace Health & Safety Policy

Full Fee Paying Overseas Student Policies

International Accommodation and Welfare Policy

International Complaints and Appeals Policy

International Course Progress and Attendance Policy

International Critical Incident Policy

International Fees Refund Policy

International Student Deferment Suspension and Cancellation Policy

International Student Entry Requirements Policy

International Transfer Request Assessment Policy