Principal’s Welcome

Hello and welcome

Girls Grammar Girls are Clever. Confident. Connected.

Welcome to Rockhampton Girls Grammar a school community with more than 127 years history of educating strong women.

Girls’ education is our speciality.

Our girls need to be clever. This can be achieved with the best in research-backed teaching methodology. A broad curriculum will allow them to explore all their options and keep doorways to the future wide open. Outstanding technology and resources will support their learning. Our work is centred on academic excellence. The progress of every girl is individually tracked – and much more than twice a year! Helping your daughter achieve her first choice of university course or career is our core business.

Our girls need to be confident. Opportunities which allow the girls to develop their leadership, public speaking skills, sporting prowess, competitiveness and teamwork value-add to your daughters’ education. For many of us in the west, it is these opportunities we long for. Participation in sport and cultural pursuits offer your daughter the chance to learn life-long skills that she can take with her to university or to a career. At Girls Grammar – she can be anything she wants to be.

Our girls need to be connected. There is a strong sense of family and community at Girls Grammar. The Old Girls Association is a rich community of women who continue to support the school and work towards the improvement of women’s education in Central Queensland. Your daughter will become a part of this family and will have access to an amazing network of past graduates around the region, the state, the nation and the globe. Who knows where these links may take her? Who knows what she will be able to do for a future Girls Grammar Girl?

Girls Grammar is a Boarding school – not a school with a Boarding program. One third of our students are boarders – it’s central to what we do. With facilities second to none, and staged accommodation experiences that develop your daughter’s independence, our girls experience a Boarding school life second to none. Supported by all staff and teachers, Boarding at Girls Grammar is a home away from home. Our boarders take memories with them that last a lifetime.

Making the decision about your daughter’s education is one of the most important decisions you will make for her. And we believe it should be all about her. Girls Grammar is all about girls. We know they learn differently. We know they learn better without distractions. We know they will participate with confidence in an all-girls setting. We know they will be clever, confident and connected. We know they will love being a Girls Grammar Girl.

Michelle Gouge
Acting Principal

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