Why a Girls School?

Girls Can Achieve Anything! Every Opportunity not Equal Opportunity!

All-girls schools provide the women of tomorrow with the confidence to achieve their dreams today!

Girls who study in a single sex environment achieve higher levels of academic success! Click on the Girls Grammar Advantage link below for more information.

Girls from single sex schools are over-represented in university enrolments, particularly in high status courses such as medicine and law.

An All-Girls environment allows girls to reach the potential each possesses!

Girls are prepared to meet the challenge of change in both their careers and personal lives!

Girls have pride of place in the classroom, in front of the computer, on the sports field and on the stage!

Girls can participate in all activities and know that their voices are heard!

Girls are encouraged to explore any career path they wish!

At an All-girls school, equal opportunity is not an issue, because  girls get every opportunity!

Girls will become CLEVER, CONFIDENT and CONNECTED at Girls Grammar.

Click here for the Girls Grammar Advantage

Rockhampton Girls Grammar School


Click here to find out why Nicola Cole made the change to Girls Grammar


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