International Women’s Day Accolades


The Zonta Club of Rockhampton’s annual International Women’s Day Breakfast was held on Thursday 5 March this year. A table of Rockhampton Girls Grammar staff, the two head girls and their mothers attended.

Abbey Godwin-Smith from Mt Panorama Rolleston, the Girls Grammar Helen E Downs and Senior School Council Prefect won the Young Woman in Public Affairs Award sponsored by Zonta for all that she has done for others and the community in her young life. This award is recognition of Abbey’s leadership, community service, international awareness and advocacy for the improvement of the status of women locally and worldwide.

In her acceptance speech, she thanked many people, but especially her Principal Melinda Scash. Abbey considers Ms Scash a great influence in shaping her into the person she is today. Abbey is inspired by her commitment and passion, not only for the School, but for all women.

Abbey is pictured along with the award and her mother Gail Godwin-Smith (Central Highlands Regional Councillor) after the presentation.


Parents appreciate the efforts of staff

Parents have been expressing their gratitude to Girls Grammar for the dedication of staff after the devastation of Cyclone Marcia. The School was able to open just four days after TC Marcia crossed our region damaging buildings and trees and causing most residents to lose power. This was possible ahead of most schools due to the dedication and forward planning from our staff. We did this to enable students to quickly return to ‘normality’ and reduce the impact on their lives. This also allowed parents to continue their recovery efforts knowing their girls were safe and secure. Here are a few written notes of thanks from parents:

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to all the staff who once again demonstrated commitment and passion for the Girls Grammar School by assisting with the clean up after Cyclone Marcia.  Not only was this important to avoid further damage, it was important for the safety and accessibility of emergency and Ergon workers, essential for returning the school to a relatively normal state to ensure students could safely and swiftly return and to demonstrate to the community our value and pride in our school. My sentiments or gratitude are shared by many parents. We recognise that you took time away from your own homes and families in order to assist and for this we are truly thankful.

Fantastic to see Girls Grammar leading the way and getting the girls back to school so soon. Well done and thanks to James and all the grounds, support and teaching staff at our School for making this possible.  We hope the School hasn’t been significantly damaged, beyond the expected damage to trees, etc.

Thank you and congratulations on your amazing efforts getting the school back functioning as quickly as you have. You all should be congratulated. Well done! Normality is the most healing of all things!

On a gratitude wall at a local shopping centre, this yellow note was found.

Bev thanks