Recreation and Leave

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Busy students are successful students and Boarders have every opportunity to be involved in Sport, Cultural and Community activities in each of the School terms. There is a wealth of opportunity available to every Boarder and we especially encourage new Boarding students to sign up for a team sport or cocurricular activity such as Boot Camp or Running Club. Girls can engage in a wide range of cocurricular activities both on and off campus.

Not only will the physical activity help to increase fitness, concentration, mental health and sleep quality, it will also help your daughter to quickly forge new friendships and reduce homesickness.

Studies have shown that when students participate in cocurricular activities it enhances their academic success. However, additional commitments need to be balanced with studies, healthy eating habits and sleep patterns.

Encourage your daughter to maintain a healthy balance with exercise, 8-10 hours of sleep per night, study, healthy eating and time for friends. If at any time your daughter is feeling overwhelmed or stressed she is encouraged to speak with her Dorm Mistress, Care Mentor or our Director of Boarding and Welfare. The Girls Grammar staff have experience guiding students in time management, study strategies and techniques in relaxation and stress reduction.

A bus takes the girls shopping to Stockland each Saturday morning and to Yeppoon Beach on Sunday afternoon. There is an activity schedule published in the Boarding Bulletin on a regualar basis which includes options like volunteering at Vinnies, attending local sporting events, zumba classes, fun runs and craft classes.

The girls’ leave is flexible and parents have access to their daughters at all times outside of school hours.