Values at the Heart of Girls Grammar
Rockhampton Girls Grammar School is a learning community where every individual matters. Each member of our School family contributes to sustaining an environment in which individuals actively engage in their learning; where School values are embraced; where mutual and self-respect is paramount; where community and global citizenship is fostered and where excellence in every endeavour is sought and celebrated.

Students have access to a Care Group Mentor who will work closely mentoring students. The Care Group Mentor will form the main line of communication between the School and home regarding all day school related information, and will assist the student in all areas: Academic progress, friendship issues, work load issues etc. The Boarding staff are the first connection point for students and families regarding any areas of concern in relation to boarding.

Student Wellbeing Program
Students from Prep to Year 12 engage in a range of learning experiences through the care program designed to facilitate social, emotional, and moral development. Student wellbeing will be supported through education in the following key focus areas: understanding the core values of our School, acquiring and fostering positive values, building healthy relationships and interpersonal skills, developing resilience, promoting cybersafety awareness, and development of effective problem solving skills. Within the context of established care groups students will explore topics such as:

Early Years (Years P-3)
Care and compassion, doing your best, identifying feelings, asking for help, building social problem solving skills, developing empathy, overcoming fear and anxiety, managing frustration, developing positive online behaviours, exploring the web world.
Parent Involvement in the Early Years
Early Learning Teachers operate their classrooms on an open door policy, where parents and family are welcome into the classroom.  Parent participation sends strong positive messages to your daughter that you support them and understand her learning environment. There are many levels of parent participation. Teachers appreciate that time is of a premium for all parents, but are very willing to accommodate any form of involvement you may desire, to assist you and your child to be happy and feel welcomed at Girls Grammar.

Primary (Years 4-6)
A fair go, responsibility, exploring the dynamics of bullying, supportive and non-supportive friendships, sense of belonging, dynamics of friendship groups, dealing with difficulties, emotional resilience, getting connected-online reality, identifying appropriate online content and places, protecting yourself online.

Middle School (Years 7-9)
Respect, honesty and trustworthiness, dynamics of bullying, power and control, dynamics of the group, friendship dynamics, peer pressure, dealing with stress, changing friendships, self-concept and self-esteem, making decisions, digital media literacy, positive online behaviour, managing online safety.

Senior Secondary (Years 10-12)
Understanding tolerance and inclusion, integrity, responsibility, planning for the future, healthy and abusive relationships, managing stress, staying calm, positive coping, decision making, dealing with problems, digital media literacy, positive online behaviour, managing online safety.