School Camps

Camps are held simultaneously in September each year.

Year 3/4 Sleepover

Year 3 and 4 have a sleepover at the School in Term 3. This provides an opportunity for students to relax with their peers in a boarding setting and to discover more about their teachers and themselves. For some students this is the first time they have been away from family.

Year 5 Camp

Year 5 girls  spend  two days and one night stay at Coolwaters Holiday Village learning about and preparing for the leadership roles in Year 6.  The camp included a waterpark adventure, along with hikes and beach games.

Year 6 GRIP Leadership Workshop & CampKeppel

The leaders of Primary attend a GRIP Leadership workshop in February. The adventure and leadership camp offered to the Year 6 students in September is at The Capricorn Caves and is a three day camp.  The girls take part in caving and team building games.

Year 7 Friendship Camp – Boyne Island

Everyone makes unforgettable memories in life and Year 8 camp just happens to be one of them. Students from Girls Grammar travelled to Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre for five fun-filled days full of activities about everything from teamwork and trust, to stepping outside our comfort zone and trying new things. We were given the opportunity to forge new friendships while participating in all the amazing events. We alternated in groups between activities like canoeing, high ropes, low ropes and trust and teamwork games.



Year 8 & 9 Canberra Trip

This will be the first for Girls Grammar in 2017, to send our Year 8 and 9 cohort to the Nation’s capital. The trip is a great opportunity to learn about Australia’s history and the future we will be heading toward.  .


Year 10 Work Experience

Work Experience is conducted over a 40 hour block. The students are made aware of this commitment at the beginning of the year and are encouraged to arrange placements asWork_exp early as possible. Students are encouraged to organise a second week of work placement during the school holidays.

The students also complete a log book for their placement and this provides evidence of the hours worked, duties involved and any reporting completed by the employer. Although a huge commitment, this is extremely valuable for them and mock job interviews are based on the experiences they have gained.


Year 11 Leadership Conference

Elements of this three day conference are: Leadership and Communication Skills, Assertiveness and Group Dynamics. This Conference is held in Term 3. The conference is organised to provide students with further opportunities to discuss and investigate:

  • what constitutes leadership
  • attributes of a good leader
  • the potential skills and characteristics of leaders within our students
  • how individuals interact in leadership roles
  • steps to take to avoid and / or manage conflict
  • how to identify within themselves the potential for leadership within the School community
  • how to reach their academic potential in what can become a very busy Year 12.

Year 12 Leadership Workshop

In Term 1 the Year 12 students reflect on their leadership camp in Year 11 on-site. This affirms their goals and aspirations and assists them to articulate their intentions for the year.