Student Services

Our Student Services Officer – Di Mallyon is available to assist students and parents from 8.00am to 4.00pm.Di_2

P: 49300905
F: 49224809

All student queries

Students can bring any questions or concerns to Student Services.


Students should take particular notice of Term Dates. A student’s attendance is expected on all days, and any absence must be explained by a parent or guardian in writing/Students should be at School no later than 8.15 a.m.

  • Medical and dental appointments should be arranged, when it is possible, in out-of-school hours.
  • Permission for Special Leave for students must be obtained from Dr John Fry – Dean of Senior Studies (, 49300974). Please email or telephone Dr Fry as early as possible ahead of the absence dates so that he can arrange catch up work for the student.
  • Students who need to attend the Health Centre during the school day must get permission from their teacher during class.

Meal tokens

Day students are welcome to join boarders for Morning Tea and Lunch. Day students requiring lunches and morning tea are able to purchase tokens in advance from Student Services: Morning Tea $3.00; Lunch $5.00. They will need to place their name on the list at Student Services. Lunch and morning tea will be the same as that provided to boarders and lunch will include fruit and a drink. The weekly menu is displayed on the Student Services noticeboard and on our Website in the Boarding section.


Lockable lockers are provided for students’ security for their possessions (Years 6 – 12). To ensure this, please keep them locked at all times. Combination locks can be purchased from Student Services for $10 or students can bring their own padlock. Food should not be left in lockers. If a student forgets their combination or loses their key, Di Mallyon at Student Services can cut the lock open.

Lost Property

Lost Property is collected and stored at Student Services. Please check for any missing items. If lost items are named they will be returned to the student via Care Mentors.

Name badges

Students and staff are expected to wear name badges. This will greatly assist new students and new staff. The first name badges are supplied by the school and replacement name badges are charged to students’ accounts.

Seeing teachers

Students can see teachers through Student Services during morning tea and lunch breaks.

Parent contact

Parents are invited to contact Student Services at any time to request interviews with teachers and/or the Leadership regarding pastoral care and/or curriculum issues.

Phone calls home

Emergency phones calls home can be made at Student Services.

Sign in / out

If a student is late to school or needs to leave school during the day, they must be sign in/out at Student Services. A parent should sign the student out or provide a note to the student to hand in when signing out.

Student Planners

All students are allocated a Girls Grammar Student Planner, if this is lost a replacement can be obtained and the cost will be charged to the school account.

Subject Changes

Students considering changing subject choices should:

  • Obtain a ‘Subject Change Form’ from Student Services and use it to guide you through the process of discussing with the teachers of the subjects from which you are considering changing from and to, and your parents/guardians.
  • Take the form to the Director of Student Learning who will liaise with all parties in order to make a decision on the request.


Student timetables can be reprinted if they are lost or a subject change has occurred. These details are also available on Student Cafe and Parent Lounge.

Messages to students

Parents can contact Student Services to get urgent messages to students in their classrooms.

School Counsellor

Girls Grammar students can comfortably and confidently speak with a Counsellor about any issues of concern. This can be arranged through Linda Knowles RN at the Health Centre on 07 4930 0929. Students seek counselling to deal with a range of issues. These may include: social relationships, academic progress, behaviour problems, stress, anxiety/depression, bullying issues, anger and family problems, etc.

Bus Runs

Girls Grammar offers bus services to North Rockhampton and Yeppoon on school days. These are fee based services. Click on LINK to fees and booking forms.

P&F Uniform Shop

The P&F run our only supply of uniforms at Girls Grammar. Click here for information about our P&F Uniform Shop

Textbook Hire Scheme

Year 7 to 12 benefit from a textbook hire scheme, and Prep to Year 6 have all their stationery and textbooks supplied. Click the link below for more information.

Textbook Hire Scheme Years 7 – 12 general information