Primary School

At Rockhampton Girls Grammar, our primary school builds the foundation for life-long learning and delivers exciting and challenging learning programs to build confidence and engagement in learning. Teaching and learning is facilitated through a number of nationally and internationally acclaimed pedagogical strategies to ensure we are developing our girls as effectively as possible with the most relevant and up to date practices. The primary learning areas are used to develop a balanced, integrated curriculum for young children that broadens their learning experiences. We aim to develop in our young people, inquiring minds and a love of learning.


Students in Prep to Year 6 are provided with a personalised education, meeting their needs emotionally, socially and academically. RGGS_Feb2016_0366Girls Grammar provide an enriched primary education with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Small primary classes are capped at 20 students and deliver first-class programs across all curriculum areas.

Primary students are given the opportunity to participate in a number of local, state and national writing, mathematics and science competitions including the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), Write4Fun, Australian Mathematics Trust Competition and STEM Horizons for High Achievers.

English – Collins Writing –Dr John Collins – Students from P-12 are guided through five types of writing with techniques that are practical, explicit and focussed. This program distinguishes itself from other through its proprietary approach to student practice and its emphasis of writing across all of the Key Learning Areas. Every week our students from Years 5-12 compete in the coveted prize of ‘Writer of the Week’.

English – Reading to Learn –Dr David Rose – Reading to Learn is one of the world’s most powerful literacy programs. It is designed to enable all learners at all levels of education to read and write successfully, at levels appropriate to their age, grade and area of study. The strategies have been independently evaluated to consistently accelerate the learning of all students at twice to more than four times expected rates, across all schools and classes, and among students from all backgrounds and ability ranges.

Numeracy – Back to Front Maths – Tierney Kennedy – The girls at Rockhampton Girls Grammar are immersed in mathematical exploration through the Nationally Acclaimed pedagogical practices developed in the Back to Front Maths program. It considers that in the first instance students are enabled by discovering underlying mathematical principals rather than explanation-then-practice pedagogy. Teachers are then able to identify student misconceptions at the onset of the topic and teach explicitly from the moment of misconception.

Science – Agricultural science is offered from Prep- Year 12 at Rockhampton Girls Grammar. We have animals on sight and a developing garden for our students to immerse in agricultural science discoveries. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) tasks are offered to students in Prep-10 twice per year. Focusing on STEM subjects is about making sure our girls are equipped with the necessary skills for the economy of the future. STEM accommodates innovative mathematics, science and technology curriculum that focuses on inquiry-led teaching. At Rockhampton Girls Grammar we are committed to the inclusion of technology, including computer coding across different year levels leading to greater exposure to computational thinking.

Humanities and Social Science – At Rockhampton Girls Grammar our students are engaged in the P–10 Australian Curriculum Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) learning area which is made up of the following four subjects: History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship and Economics and Business. Teachers work earnestly to deliver engaging and relevant content to our girls.

Specialists Lessons – Rockhampton Girls Grammar is a Prep- Year 12 school. Because of this, our girls are provided with expert instruction from Specialist Secondary Staff for key subjects such as The Arts, Physical Education and LOTE. Private tuition in Speech and Drama, Instrumental Music and Singing is also available at the school.

All Booklist items are supplied at Girls Grammar – Primary Booklist letter.  


  • Students in Year 4-6 are invited to stand to be elected for the Primary Student Council.
  • The investiture of the Year 6 students takes place at the beginning of the year to acknowledge their role as Primary leaders. As leaders they attend the GRIP Leadership Conference and implement the Values program throughout the primary school
  • Every Year 4-6 student is a representative for a Committee, which include Visual Arts, Library, Expressive English, Mathematics, Science, Environment, ATSI, Music, Dance and Drama.


Primary sports days include the swimming carnival, cross country, Ball Games and athletics carnival whilst  students in Senior Primary are offered the opportunity to compete at an inter-school level in sports such as netball, softball, swimming and athletics. Click here for more Cocurricular details. 

Throughout the year Artslink provide all primary students with a series of performances. Healthy Harold and the Life Ed van visit.   Click here for Primary Camp details.

Private tuition in Speech and Drama, Instrumental Music and Singing is also available at the school.