Enrolment Process


For your convenience you may download the Application for Admission form here as a PDF file to be printed out with Adobe Acrobat Reader or complete the on-line form below.

The steps in the enrolment process are:

  • School received the Application for Admission form (from the prospectus or this website) and $55.00 application fee.
  • An enrolment interview is arranged with the Principal or delegate and a School tour is conducted for the applicant and family.
  • A letter is sent to offer a place at Girls Grammar.
  • School receives the Enrolment Confirmation Contract and $300.00 confirmation fee.
  • A place is reserved for the applicant and a Confirmation Package is sent out. This package includes the Student Parent Handbook, booklists, forms and information about our Orientation Program and starting school at Girls Grammar.
  • The student is invited to attend orientation sessions and begins school life at Girls Grammar with a Year 12 (or Year 6 for Prep students) ‘BIG SISTER’ to help them settle in quickly and confidently.

For further information please contact Wendy Sheppard, Enrolments on 0749300912 or Enrolments@rggs.qld.edu.au


RGGS Application for Enrolment Form