Our Uniform

The School uniform is a symbol of our community and part of the proud tradition of the School.

Whether or not a student voluntarily adheres to School uniform expectations is a strong indicator of her desire to continue to be a member of the Girls Grammar community.

The Rockhampton Girls Grammar School uniform includes the following:

P-12 School Dress

Prep – Year 6 wear the dress for both for normal and formal occasions. The dress is optional for students in Years 7-12. The length of the dress should come to the top of the knee.

7-12 Formal Uniform

Years 7 – 12 will wear skirt and blouse combination and blazer as formal wear. As formal wear outside school, the skirt should be worn with white fold-down socks only and blazer. As day wear the skirt may be worn with white socks or navy coloured tights. The length of the skirt should come to the bottom of the knee. All Secondary students must possess at least one outfit of the formal uniform.


P-12 Sports Hat

Prep  – Year 5: navy sports hat with School badge embroidered in gold at front.

The Sports hat is to be worn in all physical Activity and Health and Physical Education classes. The Sports hat is also worn by students in Years P-5 to and from school, and at any time during the day when a student is outside (except when it is raining).

6-12 Panama Hat


Students in Years 6 – 12wear the panama with gold and navy hatband with School logo at front. The hat is to be worn to and from school, and at any time during the day when a student is outside (except when it is raining).

7-12 Blazer

Students in Years 7-12 must have a blazer. The blazer is worn with formal uniform to all formal events and every Wednesday, when Assembly is held. Colours signifying student achievement are embroidered on the blazer (student’s right side, aligned right).

P-12 School Tie

The tie is worn every day, either with the dress or the formal uniform.

  • Students in Years Prep to Year 11 wear the cross-over navy blue tie on both the dress and formal shirt
  • Year 12 wear the navy tie with 5mm gold edging ribbon to signify that they are seniors.


The School badge to be worn in centre of the tie at the cross-over. Prefect, Senior and Year level Leader badges should be worn instead of the standard School badge.

For students in Years 7-12, Badges being superceded may be worn under the crest on the blazer.

Year 6 Leaders Badges are provided to all Year 6 students. These are worn under the School badge in the centre of the tie.

House badges are worn on the tie on the wearer’s right and name badges under the school badge in the middle of the tie. House badges and Name Badges are worn at School but are not to be worn on formal group occasions. Students in Year P-3 leave their name badges at school.
Badges from other schools/sources are not to be worn with School uniform, without permission of the Principal.

P-12 School ShoesT-bar

The current lace up school shoe will be phased out in 2014. The Clarks Ingrid is the only version of the T Bar shoe which will then be permitted.These are available through the P&F Uniform Shop.

P-12 Tights/Socks

Razamatazz 40 Denier Soft opaque or Girl’s opaque in ‘Ink Navy’ or standard white fold-down cotton (not sports) may be worn with the dress or the formal uniform. As formal wear, white fold-down socks are required. Girls Grammar sports socks are compulsory for HPE and cocurricular activities.

Jewellery/ Make-up and nail polish/ enhancements / tattoos

Make up, nail polish and false nails are not to be worn to school. A simple watch and one pair of sleepers or studs (plain gold, silver or pearl), to be worn in the lower lobe of the ear only. Religious talismans may be worn under the dress or formal shirt. No visible additional body piercing is permitted. Tattoos must not be visible while in uniform.

P-12 Hair

Hair styles should be neat and appropriate for a work environment. Long hair (covering collar) should be tied up with a white ribbon or hair tie. Multiple or obviously unnatural hair colours (including excessively blonde or dark), hair extensions, beading or excessive braiding, are not permitted with the School uniform. The Principal will determine whether hair colour is acceptable and may direct students to adjust their hair colour. White, navy or gold ribbons may be purchased at the Uniform Shop. White ribbons are worn on all formal occasions.

P-12 Sports Uniform


The Sports uniform consists of navy shorts and a white, blue and gold Sports shirt. Students in Year P-3 may wear their sports uniform all day on days when Physical Activity is scheduled. Students in Years 4-12 will change into HPE uniform for Health and Physical Education or Physical Activity classes. The Sports uniform is only permitted to be worn to and from school on Sports Carnival days.

P-12 Sports Shoes

Sports shoes for Physical Education must be predominantly white and designed for physical activity (i.e. not Dunlop Volleys).

P-12 Swimwear

Only Girls Grammar swimwear may be worn. Specific sizing requirements can be individualised through the P&F Uniform Shop. The Girls Grammar rash vest is a compulsory uniform item. Girls May choose to swim in Sports shorts.

House swimming caps may be worn in swimming classes. However, when representing the school, the Girls Grammar Swim Caps must be worn.


P-12 House Shirts P-12

House shirts are required by all students. Students are allocated to the same House as other family members current or past.
Downs – Green
Paterson – Red
Smith – Blue
Williams – Yellow

Cocurricular Uniforms

Each school group has a specific Girls Grammar Uniform. Please see the shop for details in relation to Cattle Club, Agricultural Science, Dance, P-6 Cheerleading, Netball, Waterpolo, Basketball, Touch Football, AFL, Rowing, Equestrian, Athletics etc.

School Bag, Sports Bag and Travel Bag

Only Girls Grammar School bags may be used. There is a range of styles in the P&F Uniform Shop for Library, sport, swimming and daily use.

Girls Grammar Lanyard

The Girls Grammar lanyard may be purchased from the P&F Uniform Shop. Only the School lanyard may be worn with the School uniform.


Year 10-12 Cardigan

The cardigan may be worn by students in Senior School (Years 10-12). The cardigan does not replace the blazer on formal occasions, including assemblies. The School jumper may be worn with either the cardigan or the blazer in cold weather.

Year 12 Jersey

The Year 12 jersey is worn casually, as arranged by the year level, throughout their Year 12 year.

‘All In’ or ‘All Out’ of Uniform

The uniform needs to be worn perfectly or not at all. Students should change completely out of uniform in preference to mixing and matching items of uniform. The only exception to this is that the HPE shirt may be worn with casual pants when not attending School or at casual school functions such as leadership retreats or weekend shopping.

Uniform items are available from the P & F Uniform Shop – for more information click here.