What’s On! Week 10 Term 2 2019

June 25, 2019 at 10:12 am

A word from our Acting Principal

June 21, 2019 at 12:11 pm

21 June 2019

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians


I shared with the girls on assembly this week a social story about how struggling to fit in to circles can be crushing and difficult and that fitting in is one of the toughest social skills to develop, especially when we can’t find our place. When our friendship circle looks like an ‘O’ it seems very closed off to those around us. Others find it difficult to get in, people are being left out and there is an increase of people feeling lonely. This is great fun if you are on the inside but can be cruel if you are left on the outskirts looking for a way to get in. ‘O’s’ can be exclusive. They can be excluding. They can be exhausting. I have encouraged the girls to think about creating a ‘U’ where there is a little bit of space for some to enter and feel a part of our community. I know how important a tight group of friends are, and the need to keep them close by and safeguarding those relationships. However, I wish to encourage our girls to be kind, thoughtful and sympathetic. To find the introverts and say hello. To seek the lonely and to open their social circle shape to form a ‘U’. Whilst not an easy thing to do, and often out of their comfort zone, this type of behaviour builds a respectful community. That is my vision for the girls.

Last week our community built a team. Our previous chef, Mark put together an outstanding menu and many helpers were there to get the food prepared including his dedicated offsider Stacey. Thank you again to our band of helpers prior to the race day. The morning, set thick in fog, saw another merry band of helpers putting on the final touches to ensure the venue looked magnificent. It was wonderful to see new faces. We welcomed back Mrs Rogers to ensure the corporate tent was serviced professionally and swiftly. Thank you for coming back and helping our school. Again, the service from the girls and our parent volunteers madly helping in the kitchen and wash room was outstanding. Special thank you to Erin who waited on the table I was on! Mrs Graham was initiated into manager of the Party Pavilion which saw many new students having their first go at waitressing. I saw them regularly and am proud of them. I am proud of all the girls, staff and families who helped on the day. I think Mr Cheers has washed more dishes this week than he has in a life time! Thank you also to our pack up crew. The day does not end on Saturday! Our dutiful Race Day Committee Leader, Vicky Jackson, has again managed a wonderful event for our school. Her team are relentless in making sure our Race Day is the best. They succeeded!

We have an exciting update for our Air Conditioning Project. Phase One, the LED lighting project, is over 80% installed. We have 4 out of 5 lights replaced around the school and the emergency lighting replaced at the same time. Completing this project is a prelude to being able to progress with the Air Conditioning project for Kollar Boarding. In most situations the replacement lighting draws only 50% to 30% power of the lights they have replaced. The LED lights also have a five-year life span. The indication of the effect on the power consumption and peak loading should be apparent from now and in subsequent months.

Air Conditioning for Kollar Boarding has reached a stage of readiness. The formal paperwork and procedures to comply with the BGA grant is being done. Once this is finished and all monies approved, the time to install and commission will be 10 to 12 weeks. We are very much looking forward to delivering this project on time!

Last week while many of our girls were volunteering we also had a large contingency of girls playing in the Rugby 7’s Tournament. Our girls made it to the semi finals and were a terrific display of sportsmanship and skills. Thank you, Mrs Doherty, for coaching the girls. Some of our younger players were allocated to a combined team which also performed well. Congratulations to Abby D, Abigail H, Jess L, Jemma G, Jarrah T, Emma H, Lana K, Raven A and Maddi S (injured) for your selection in the representative team! Also, Dale L has won the 10-12 Year discuss event representing Rockhampton so has been selected for the Capricornia Squad. Congratulations Dale on this achievement.

I hope that you enjoyed your week as much as I have! My door is always open. I encourage you to talk with me. Girls – I will see you on the playground.


Michelle Gouge (Acting Principal)

Smooth sailing for Girls Grammar Rowing teams

June 20, 2019 at 3:22 pm

Last weekend (June 8) our rowing team participated in the Rockhampton Sprint and Novice Regatta. For many of our rowers, this was their first regatta experience. 
Special thanks to the families, friends and school staff who came to support our team and volunteer their time to help out at the regatta.

Year 9 Single – Meredith 2nd (Heat 2)
Novice Single – Roxanne 2nd (Heat 1) and Mira 1st (Heat 5)
Novice Double – Harriet and Olivia 2nd (Heat 2)
Congratulations to all of our rowers!

Our next regatta is the Central Queensland Championships, which will take place on June 29th and 30th in Rockhampton.


June 20, 2019 at 3:19 pm

Our Cattle Club team members did very well at the Rockhampton Ag Show this year. Check out our results below.

FIRST – Bull 21-24 months – Gigi Nefarious 
Senior Champion Bull – Gigi Nefarious
Grand Champion Bull – Gigi Nefarious

FIRST – Bull 6-12 months – Gigi Paker
Calf Champion Bull – Gigi Paker

FIRST -Female 6-12 months – Gigi Promise Calf Champion Female – Gigi Promise Second
Female 6-12 months – Gigi Perfect Pattern Calf Reserve Champion Female – Gigi Perfect Pattern

THIRD – Female 21-24 months – Gigi Nova

FIRST – Breeders Group – Gigi Lowline Stud (Rockhampton Girls Grammar School).


4th- Amie Martin
5th – Bianca Warcon
4th – Heidi Davison

5th – Erin Goodwin
4th – Amie Martin

5th – Makayla Holznagel
3rd- Amie Martin
4th – Lucy Brown

2019 Race Day a success thanks to helpers

June 20, 2019 at 3:18 pm

Thank you to all the Parents, Carers, Students, Sponsors and Families that supported Girls Grammar Race Day, last Saturday, June 15.
The success of the day could not have been possible without your support before, during and after Saturday. Funds from Race Day fund raising have previously been used to replace the ELC Playground, buy the digital sign on Agnes Street, air condition the Boarding House Common Rooms, buy sporting equipment, refurbish Reception and Build the RGGS Boat Shed. Thank you to the Race Day Committee for a fantastic day.

Fishing gear wanted for weekend activities

June 20, 2019 at 3:13 pm

We are always seeking ways to offer great weekend programs and opportunities for our Boarding Students. The girls have identified that they would be interested in learning how to fish, resulting in our boarding girls planning a weekend outing with a difference! We are reaching out to our community to ask for support with providing the correct equipment so are looking for any assistance with procuring fishing equipment – e.g. hand lines, lures, yabby pump etc.
If you have some unused fishing equipment in good order we would appreciate if you would consider donating it to the Boarding School.
Any donations can be dropped into Reception right up until last day of term, Friday 28 June.
If you are able to assist, it would be greatly appreciated.

Year 4/5 students experience the Gold Rush

June 20, 2019 at 2:41 pm

On Wednesday this week the year 4/5 students presented their Gold Rush oral presentations to friends, family and teachers. Their work was accompanied by some magnificent dioramas which depicted their chosen Gold Rush town that they had researched throughout the term.
Thank-you to everyone who came along to support the students. We hope you enjoyed the afternoon!

Eisteddfod Results 2019

June 19, 2019 at 11:09 am

Congratulations to all of our soloists and ensembles for the amazing results from the Rockhampton Eisteddfod. These performances were a culmination of many months of hard work and whether students received a placing or not, performing on stage was an amazing achievement in itself.

The Rockhampton Eisteddfod is run by a dedicated group of volunteers and we thank them for making this opportunity available for our young people.

Delia Whittaker
1st Prose 10<12 Years
Cadence Wone De Rungs
1st Light Verse 10 Years
1st Verse Speaking 10 Years
Joseph Mooney Memorial Aggregate for highest marks in Light Verse <18 Years
H&G Cowlrick Trophy for encouragement for performer 10 <12 Years
1st Musical Comedy/Music Theatre 10<12 Years
1st Girls Vocal Solo 10 Years
1st Australian Composer 10<12 Years
Hannah Cowan
1st Australian Poem <13 Years
Sydney Peff
1st Verse Speaking <14 Years
2nd Impromptu Reading 14<16 Years
1st Drama 14<16 Years
Tillie Hungerford
1st Classical Ballet Solo (no pointe) 9<11 Years
1st Modern Jazz Solo 9<11 Years
1st Contemporary/Free Movement/Modern Expressive Solo 9<11 Years
1st National Dance Solo 9<11 Years
2nd Modern Jazz Duo/Trio 10<13 Years
1st Tap Duo/Trio Under 13 Years
2nd Waltz Tap Solo 9<11 Years
2nd Demi Character or Character Solo 9<11 Years
1st Classical Ballet or Demi-Character Duo/Trio 10<13 Years
Emilia Heilig
3rd Contemporary/Free Movement/Modern Expressive Solo 11<13 years
1st Tap Solo 11 <13 Years
Chloe Cowan
2nd Speed Tap Solo 15 years and over
1st Classical Ballet or Demi Character Duo/Trio 13 Years and Over
Heather Maitland
2nd Demi-Character or Character Solo 13<15 Years
1st Classical Pointe Solo-Open
1st Classical Ballet or Demi Character Duo/Trio 13 Years and Over
2nd National Dance Solo 13<15 years
Aleisha Cesar
2nd Original Composition Under 18 years
1st Modern Music Solo 14<18 Years
1st Woodwind Solo 14<16 Years
2nd Concerto Under 18 Years
3rd Australian Composer 14<18 Years
1st Vocal Duet 14<18 Years
Isla Houston
1st Vocal Duet 14<18 Years
Tia Wilson
3rd Musical Comedy/Music Theatre Solo 15 Years
Arsha Kennedy
2nd Boys/Girls Vocal Solo 7 years
1st Australian Piano Solo Under 8 Years
Rory Saunders
Musical Comedy/Music Theatre Solo 12<14 Years
RGGS Wind Band
1st Woodwind/Brass/Percussion Ensemble Secondary Students
RGGS Year 4-6 Vocal Choir
3rd Primary School Vocal Choir
2nd Primary School Freestyle Novelty Choir Years 4-6
RGGS Prep-Year 3 Choir
2nd Primary School Freestyle Novelty Choir Prep-3
Molti Voce
2nd Secondary School Choir
Bella Voce
1st Small Vocal Group <18 Years
-1st Folk Group Secondary Students
-3rd Folk Group Secondary Students
-2nd Glee Group Secondary Students

What’s On! Week 9 Term 2 2019

June 17, 2019 at 10:54 am

A Word from our Acting Principal

June 14, 2019 at 2:41 pm

What’s On! Week 8 Term 2 2019

June 10, 2019 at 9:27 am

This weeks letter from our Acting Principal

June 7, 2019 at 11:56 am

What’s on! Week 7 Term 2

May 31, 2019 at 11:58 am

A word from our Acting Principal

May 31, 2019 at 11:42 am

Free Fossil Open Day

May 30, 2019 at 3:33 pm

What’s On! Week 6 Term 2 2019

May 27, 2019 at 10:05 am

A Word from our Acting Principal

May 24, 2019 at 2:04 pm

A thank you and farewell from our Director of Boarding

May 24, 2019 at 1:29 pm

A Word from our Principal (Acting)

May 17, 2019 at 4:13 pm

What’s on! Week 4 Term 2 2019

May 10, 2019 at 3:35 pm

A word from our Principal (Acting)

May 10, 2019 at 3:30 pm

A letter from our Principal (Acting)

May 3, 2019 at 3:21 pm

What’s on! Week 3 Term 2

May 3, 2019 at 2:29 pm

NUDGE helps push students towards healthy eating

May 3, 2019 at 10:32 am

Spotless is the company which Rockhampton Girls Grammar works with to provide staff and students with delicious food every day.

Recently spotless has collaborated with Nutrition Australia to develop the Nudge guidelines that underpin the selection of healthy meals that they offer.

Nudge is not a set of rules or ridiculous challenges; it is simply about making it easier for the girls at RGGS to nudge towards healthier choices.

During this week the Nudge Initiative team set up a health station at school. They had healthy foods, information and a stationary bike which when used, made smoothies.

Here are some photos of the day:

GAIA Festival preparation is underway

May 3, 2019 at 9:58 am

Gaia Festival is coming up on FRIDAY MAY 24 from 3PM UNTIL 8PM.

Gaia is it is our open day/ fete event which is open to all public and is FREE entry.

‘Gaia’ is the Greek Earth Mother Goddess. She lends her name to the Rockhampton Girls Grammar Gaia Festival which honours and celebrates the wonderful creativity and significant contributions that women have made to the Rockhampton community.

STALLS  – If you wish to secure a stall site please email zhanaeconway-dodd@rggs.qld.edu.au for a stall holders agreement form.

RIDES – Ride bands will be avaliable for pre-purchase next week for $20 a band. They will also be available on the night for $25.

FOOD & ENTERTAINMENT – There will be several food vans on site including; Twisted Tata’s, Woodfire 600, Minirons and more.

There will also be constant entertainment on the stage under CAB.

LAYOUT – The layout for this years Gaia Festival is very similar to last years. The market stalls will be located mainly on the upstairs and downstairs veranda area of Primmer, around the back of Primmer, the side of Primmer, on the tennis court area (for those exhibitors with pop up tents), under the CAB and on the oval.


Remember to tell your friends and family and share the Gaia 2019 Facebook event and website.


Primary students tackle Maths Teams Challenge

May 3, 2019 at 9:47 am

The annual Maths Teams Challenge for students in Years 5 and 6 was held on Wednesday this week at the Glenmore State High School. We had one team from each year level participate.

The girls represented the school in the individual event and the team relay event. The final event was the team event where girls were given the opportunity to solve questions with students from other schools. The girls had a fantastic time and we look forward to participating again next year.

Mother’s Day Luncheon

May 3, 2019 at 9:41 am

Don’t forget that our annual Mother’s Day Luncheon is taking place next Friday on May 10.

RSVP’s were due on Thursday afternoon. For those who have secured a seat the luncheon begins at 12 noon in McKeauge Hall.

There will be plenty of food and entertainment on offer.

A Word from our Acting Principal

April 26, 2019 at 3:26 pm

What’s on Week 2 Term 2 2019

April 26, 2019 at 2:16 pm

Young, Black and Proud Scholarships NOW OPEN

April 26, 2019 at 8:57 am

Do you know a deadly young person?

ATSICHS is excited to announce the next round of the Young, Black and Proud Scholarships are now OPEN. This round is statewide again thanks to the support of the Queensland Family and Child Commission. There’s over $30,000 up for grabs.

What’s it all about…

Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are looking for support with their school, uni, arts or sporting dreams are encouraged to apply for the Young, Black and Proud Scholarship. There’s $1000 and $2000 scholarships available.

To be eligible for the scholarship they need to be:

  • of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • 25 years old or younger
  • living in Queensland.

Applications close 10 June.

For further info or to apply online go to http://bit.ly/ybds2019, email helloyoungmob@atsichsbrisbane.org.au or call 3240 8900.