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September 22, 2016 at 12:09 pm

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Develop a Resilience Mindset – Michael Grose

September 21, 2016 at 8:55 am

Please find attached an article by Michael Grose that I encourage all parents and carers to read.

Develop a Resilience Mindset

James Lye
Director of Student Wellbeing


Student Services: Student Absences and Driving for Licensed Students

September 20, 2016 at 2:22 pm

We would like to invite all Parents, Carers and Students, to please take a moment to read the information and procedures below regarding Student Absences and Driving for Licensed Students.  This information can also be found in the Student Parent Handbook which can be found on the ‘Downloads’ page of our website.


Daily Attendance

Every day a student misses school will lead to extra work which students will need to catch up on and extra work for teachers to support this process. The experience of the classroom can rarely be replicated so it is often challenging for students to make up lost time. Attendance at school is vital and assessment continues in the final week of each of Terms 1, 2 and 3.

  • Every student should aim for 100% attendance. There are minimum requirements to qualify for the QCE.
  • Medical and dental appointments should be arranged, when it is possible, out-of-school hours.
  • Permission for special leave can only be obtained from the Director of Learning. Please email prior to the expected leave.
  • Any absence must be explained by a parent or guardian in writing or by phone to Student Services. Student Services can be contact on 07 49300905 or
  • All absences for illness must be reported to Student Services as soon as possible.  If assessment is affected, a Medical Certificate must be provided for Years 11 and 12.
  • Sign in / sign out – If a student is late to school or needs to leave school during the day, she must sign in/out at Student Services. A parent should sign the student out or provide a note to the student to hand in when signing out (phone calls and emails are also accepted prior to the absence).
  • Days absent will be recorded on all student Academic Reports.

Absence during term time

On average, each academic term is 10 weeks in duration. Teachers need each of these days to complete work programs, to ensure student progress and allow sufficient time for assessment. It is critical that students attend for the full term of study.

  • Parents who need to remove their children from school should apply well in advance in writing to the Director of Learning explaining the circumstances that have arisen.
  • All provisions to vary assessment procedures (e.g. to defer an examination or grant an extension on an assignment) will be managed by the Director of Learning.
  • When students miss an examination or assignment because parents have withdrawn their child early for any reason, special arrangements are not made regarding assessment items missed. The item must be submitted. If a student is absent for a number of assessment items, it may be more appropriate when the teacher is calculating the overall score for the semester for a ‘Unable to Assess’ result to be given on the report. A ‘UA’ (Unable to Assess) is an option only for students in Years 7-10. In Years 11-12, non-completion of assessment may result in no credit being gained for that subject.
  • Students may be expected to sit their examinations or complete assignments on their return to school and the grades will be used for feedback purposes only.



Day students in Year 12 are permitted to drive a motor vehicle to and from school subject to the authorisation of their parents/guardian and the School Principal. Parents authorising usage of a motor vehicle, subject to the School’s conditions, accept full responsibility for such motor vehicle usage by their daughters whilst students of the School.

Students should abide by the rules of the road and be responsible licensed drivers.

A written application from a student’s parent and/or guardian to drive a motor vehicle must be submitted to the School Principal on the School’s application form (available from Student Services). Parents requiring special consideration in regard to student travel must contact the Principal.

Once approval has been received for a student to drive a motor vehicle to and from school, the following conditions apply:

  • Another student of the School (other than a sibling of the driver who also has approval from the School) may not drive a motor vehicle belonging to another Rockhampton Girls Grammar student.
  • P-plate drivers in the first three months of their license may not travel with more than one passenger of a similar age (who is not an immediate relative).
  • A student of the School (other than a sibling of the driver) may not travel as a passenger in a motor vehicle belonging to another Rockhampton Girls Grammar student, unless specific permission is sought and obtained from Principal.
  • Student cars are permitted only in designated areas within the school campus (i.e. on Denham Street and Agnes Street (not the bus stop side)– not in staff or visitor parking spaces).
  • On arrival at school, day students are to submit their vehicle keys to Student Services for signing in and out of the Vehicle Key Register. Students may then collect their vehicle car keys at the end of the school day. Boarding students leave their keys with the dorm mistress.

Students are not permitted to return to or use their motor vehicles during regular school hours (8.20am to 3.00pm).

Should you have any queries at all, please contact Di Mallyon in Student Services on 07 49300905 or

Primary News

September 20, 2016 at 2:16 pm

As another term draws to a close I always like to reflect on some of the outstanding events that affect our girls here at Girls Grammar. Starting with visiting educators from local kindergartens attending an Oral Language PD, our term was off with a bang. Girls Grammar was on display that evening and with the support of the Primary staff we were able to showcase some oral language strategies suitable for students who are nearly about to embark on their schooling journey.cross-country

Our Year 3 and 4 students were treated to the ‘Pillow Case’ project – getting them prepared in the case of emergency. Our Cross Country was well attended and the girls showed courage, determination and sportsmanship! I then had the privilege of taking a combination of ten Year 5 and 6 students to participate in the QAMT Maths Team challenge. The girls represented our school exceptionally and performed admirably.

Book Week was a full week of library activities, dress ups and book games. Although not everyone could guess, I enjoyed dressing up as one of the characters from ‘Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’. Even some of the girls, who did a much better job of it than I did, came along as the same character!

yr-6-campThe Year 1 and 2 students had a great time participating in the LOTE cultural experience days at the local kindergartens. Mrs Graham and Mrs Carroll did a fantastic job developing cultural opportunities for some of our youngest community members. Again, in true Girls Grammar style the girls were outstanding.

I was fortunate enough to attend Year 6 camp. In fact, I think I challenged myself more than ever on this trip as climbing through very small caves was confronting and nerve wrecking.  However, there was no way I was going to let the girls, who at times were quite anxious, go it alone! I felt proud of both myself and the girls for the accomplishments I saw going into the adventure caving. The camp coordinators made a conscious effort to comment on the maturity and friendliness of the girls, often describing them as the best group they have ever had. I love being a part of a group that exudes this reputation.4-6

The Music and Art Gala was a night to remember for the term. The standard of cultural talent at this school – and the belief of the importance that our girls experience it- makes for some VERY talented young ladies. I personally enjoyed seeing the artistic masterpieces on display and stood as proud as punch watching our girls perform in their respective choirs.

I trust that throughout the last weeks you have had the opportunity to meet with your daughter’s teacher to discuss her academic progress. As you can see, Rockhampton Girls Grammar girls are Clever, Confident and Connected. The opportunities and experiences gained this term show just how important a balanced education is. Please enjoy the term break. I look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.

Michelle Gouge
Director of Primary

Interschool Gymkhana – Date Change

September 20, 2016 at 2:11 pm

Please be advised that the Interschool Gymkhama being hosted by the Alton Downs Pony Club Inc has been rescheduled.  The new date is Sunday 23 October 2016.


Student Achievement – Kassie Barnes

September 20, 2016 at 2:10 pm

kbCQUniversity VET-in-Schools student and Rockhampton Girls Grammar School senior student, Kassie Barnes, has been recognised for dedication to her studies by being named the 2015 recipient of the Shelley Gregory Memorial Encouragement Award.

The Award is named after long-time CQ TAFE Rockhampton Business Teacher Shelley Gregory, who passed away following a tragic accident in 2012 and is remembered fondly by staff for her dedication and positivity.

Kassie was presented with the Award by the 2014 winner, Alicia Ferry, during a presentation at the Rockhampton City Campus on 12 September.

“I’m very honoured. It’s not something I thought I’d receive,” Kassie said.

Kassie studied a Certificate III in Business Administration through CQUniversity whilst still at school.

“I found the course really interesting and understood what I was being taught. I love the paperwork side of business.”

Deputy Dean of Vocational Education and Training, Tamara Murray, said the Encouragement Award recognised students, who like Shelley, were dedicated to business studies and had a positive effect on the workplace.

“In the classroom, Shelley would always pass on her words of encouragement. She was a wonderful teacher who was fondly remembered by all,” Tammy said.

“The Award is given to the most deserving student who has displayed a dedicated attitude and has a positive effect on those around them.”

In a letter from Shelley Gregory’s sister, Jenny McDougall, said it was clear that staff and teachers at CQUniversity saw the same qualities in Kassie.

“Hopefully this Award allows you to understand just how much you are appreciated by those around you,” she said.

“We trust that you will continue to nurture these positive qualities wherever you go, and in whatever field of work you find yourself. No doubt you will be an asset to any team, because you not only get the job done but you make a positive difference on those around you.”

Rockhampton Girls Grammar School Director of Student Wellbeing, James Lye, said the school was very proud of the fact Kassie has received this Award for her efforts.

“And to be awarded after a very well-loved and dedicated teacher is very heartening,” Mr Lye said.

Kassie said she plans on studying a Bachelor of Business at CQUniversity when she completes high school.

Article courtesy of CQUniversity

Oratory and Short Story Competition Winners

September 20, 2016 at 2:08 pm

Congratulations to all the brave ladies who participated in the annual RGGS Oratory Competition.yr-11-oratory

Year 11 – 1st Josie Bradford; 2nd Courtney Smith; 3rd Caitlin Bartlett; Highly Commended Monique Hill, Lucy Davison, Emily Lang; Honourable Mention Meredith Fay, Alexandra Stritzel-Woolcock, Melanie Conrad, Jestelle Cowley; Participation Madison Rothery, Kelsey Kleier, Lauren Pacey, Layla Wilson, Jessica Gunning, Britaney Adams, Grace McCosker, Claire De Villiers, Alyssa Pickels, Felicity Weier, Lacey Smith, Georgina Driscoll, Isabel Woo.

Year 10 – 1st Brianna Austin; 2nd Raina Collett; 3rd Amiee Leane; Highly Commended Olivia Harwood; Participation Kailee Butcher, Tanya Kulu, Lucinda Simmons, Jasmine Mick.

Year 9 – 1st Claire Sherry; 2nd Darcie Lang; Highly Commended Lucy Brown, Leah McBride.

Year 8 – 1st Jemma Green; 2nd Abigail Hills; Highly Commended Heidi Davison; Participation Hannah Knight, Emily Wallace, Mia Johnstone, Lana Kleier.

Year 7 – 1st Lujaine Hussain; 2nd Jessica Leane; 3rd Emma Jones; Highly Commended Sydney Peff; Participation Frances Watson, Abbie Mallyon, Grier McRae, Olivia Sherry, Zara Priddle, Tyla Cringle, Lilliana Harrison.

elm-anthology-winnersCongratulations also go to all the students who participated in the inaugural RGGS Short Story Competition. Your stories will become part of an Anthology that all competitors will receive next term – one for lower primary and another for middle school and senior. This competition will become an annual event for Girls Grammar.

The following ladies contributed to the Anthologies: Zoe Brakels, Skyla Abbott, Rahnee Cumner, Grace Petersen, Charli Donaldson, Nazmin Hussain, Laine Kelly, Katie Stackpoole, Charlotte White, Farai Muzhingi, Roxie Leyden, Arsha Kennedy, Poppi Jones, Suneisha Lawson, Harleen Bhullar, Chanel Evans, Evelyn Hallett, Rayah Robin, Alice Chippendale, Phoebe Fenton, Ayesha Bokhari, Scarlett Gorman-Marsh, Umna Umer, Maya Graham-Hohn, Paige Ung, Willow Parnell, Hollie Wogand, Lydia Johnstone, Michaela Hamer, Courtney Smith, Hannah Petersen, Brooke Wallace, Kailee Butcher, Maddison Horton, Jasmine Mick, Tayla Wallace, Charlotte Graham, Abbie Mallyon, Frances Watson, Emma Jones, Sophie Thompson, Charlotte Carroll.

We thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories. Well done everyone.

Lee Bartlem
English Teacher

Year 9 Camp

September 20, 2016 at 2:05 pm

image2This term the Year 9 students packed their bags and traveled down to Noosa North Shore Retreat, where we spent the week doing many personally challenging activities that pushed our strength to the max. Day 1 had us up early ready to conquer the 8 hour bus trip with Ms Lamb and Ms Dawes, who made each individual’s ears bleed as they played their opera and musical theatre jams. We all arrived worn out but excited for the week. Day 2 gave our arms a ripper workout as we set off early and canoed our way over to Boreen Point carrying ourselves and our heavy, fully water proofed bags. image3What we expected to be a two hour canoe turned into a seven hour endurance test, reaffirming our love of dry land. We finished the day setting up our own tents. Whilst some took mere minutes, others took hours before tumbling into our uncomfortable but welcome sleeping bag beds. Day 3 saw us rising early before packing up camp and setting off for a 30 kilometre mountain bike ride. Claire took a big lead, encouraging us from the top of the hill. We finished the day with abseiling where many girls left their comfort zones and slowly made their way down the 50 metre rock face. Our final day of activities started with stand up paddle boarding over stingray infested waters. The camp ended with a beach carnival that brought everyone closer and finished the week on a great note. Thank you to our teachers and the wonderful camp staff who supported us, and especially to our families, for making this all possible.

By Claire Sherry, Cleo McCosker and Briony Tranter

SAMSUNG CSC 20160831_085131




Staying Safe Online

September 20, 2016 at 2:01 pm

Hocybersafetylidays are great time to catch up with family and friends. With a large proportion of our children’s social interactions occurring online it is also a great time to have an open dialogue about staying safe online. Staying safe online is more than just cyberbullying; online-grooming and internet addictions are becoming real issues in today’s society. I strongly encourage you to discuss current internet/social media use with your daughter/s. It may be time to reevaluate how much online time is available, the majority of social media interaction occurs not on computers or tablets but on mobile phones. Most telecommunication companies have parental controls that will allow you to monitor, filter and limit the amount of data and text messages that are being sent.

Examples of these are these Telstra and Vodafone apps:

Telstra Mobile Protect

Vodafone Guardian App

Please find below links for parents and carers to access. I highly recommend you have a look through these sites as they are a valuable resource that may help you open an eSafety dialogue with your daughters.


iParent – by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner

Ryan Cheers
Director of Innovation and Learning Technologies

Year 3 and 4 News – Super Stupendous Sleepover

September 20, 2016 at 2:01 pm

On Friday 2 September, the Year 3 and 4 students had a sleepover at School. In the lead up, we were feeling daunted and overwhelmed, however, it didn’t take us long to realise that this was going to be one of the best experiences of our schooling lives to date.

Stumbling through the school gates wearing free dress and lugging our belongings, our epic adventure was about to commence. After lunch, we skipped to the CAB to be greeted by Mr Fuller and Mr Avery who had some exhilarating activities prepared for us.

Following our scrumptious afternoon tea, we set up camp in MMPH. For many of us, we debuted tackling a fitted sheet! (Little did we know, rolling up sleeping bags was going to be a much larger challenge…)yr-3-4-sleepover

Energetic and enthusiastic, we creatively placed our colourful hands on a blank canvas to create a memorable masterpiece to display under our classrooms. After collecting our toiletries and pyjamas, it was time to experience the boarder’s life. With dinner and showers over and done with, we were on our way back to our comfortable beds to relax, wind down and watch a movie together.

Before we knew it, it was 6am Saturday morning and we were packing up our belongings, attempting to roll our sleeping bags and heading up to the Dining Hall for breakfast. With full tummies and happy memories of our sleepover, our time had come to an end.

‘The sleepover was definitely the highlight of the year, I loved it because dinner was yummy and I had a big sleep in.’ – Paige, Year 3

‘The sleepover was my favourite part of the year because we were all having fun.’ – Ella, Year 4

‘My favourite part of the sleepover was eating scrumptious food and having fun with my friends. I learnt that nothing would go wrong with my friends supporting me.’ – Matilda, Year 3

‘The sleepover was a great highlight of Year 4 and I built my confidence as well as having a great time. I can’t wait until the Year 5 camp.’ – Charlotte, Year 4

‘The sleepover was a great experience even though some of us were out of our comfort zone, we still had lots of fun.’ – Aria, Year 3

Parent Lounge

September 5, 2016 at 3:39 pm

Our LinksPlease remember that Parent Lounge is a vital source of communication between Rockhampton Girls Grammar School and you, the parents and carers.  The link to Parent Lounge can be found  under ‘Our Links’ on the homepage of our website.

Through Parent Lounge you are able to access a variety of information pertaining to your daughter and her education.  You are also able to update your contact details, view your daughter’s medical records, view the calendar and access your daughter’s report cards.  If at any time you need to make changes and you are unable to on Parent Lounge, please contact  It is imperative that we have the most current details for your daughter at all times, so we ask that you please check yours and your daughter’s details at your earliest convenience.

Should you require your Username, or to have your Password reset, please contact Theresa in Reception on 07 49300900 or Di in Student Services on 07 49300905.

Contacting Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

September 5, 2016 at 3:38 pm

We have recently had a number of people attempting to contact Rockhampton Girls Grammar School on incorrect phone numbers.  Please note that the only numbers to use when contacting us are those found on the Contacts page of our website.

Should you wish to email a specific teacher, their details can also be found on the Staff page of our website.

If ever in doubt, please call 07 49300900 as this is our main number and your call can be directed from here.


Prep to Year Two Father’s Day Afternoon

September 5, 2016 at 3:36 pm

IMG_5088Prep to Year Two students, along with their fathers and grandfathers, enjoyed engaging with the natural world around them in the same way as their ancestors at our Father’s Day afternoon. The afternoon was run by Malachi from Rocky Instincts, who shared his knowledge and skills in trap building, fire making and spear throwing. A great afternoon was shared by all.

Sheldon Olive and Corinne Shaw
Prep & Year 1/2 Teacher




Rockhampton Schools Championship Regatta

September 5, 2016 at 3:33 pm

IMG_3052Saturday 27 August was the local Rockhampton Schools Championship Regatta. This involved eight schools and more than 200 school rowers from Rockhampton and Mackay.

Our small and talented Rowing Team had some great and close races. Most memorable for many will be the visitors to the regatta. The medals and place ribbons were presented by local Olympic Silver Medalist, Sasha Belonogoff. Later in the afternoon, RGGS Old Girl and  Australian Representative Rower,  Sarah Guilfoyle, dropped in to meet the current Girls Grammar rowers.

Thank you to all the parents who supported the rowers, Ms Hadok keeping us on time and sane, Emma Kennedy for Regatta Administration and  Melanie Cox for keeping the quad safe on the water.IMG_2998

The team results were as follows:

Boys Year 10 – 12 Double Scull – Third Jessica Gunning – yes, the boys race. Not only did Jessica volunteer to fill a spot, she performed a really great row.

Girls Year 9 Double Scull – Fourth for Claire Sherry who was second for 900m only to have a malfunction on the finish line.

Girls Novice Single Scull Division One – First Jasmine Mick, Third Sarah Donaldson

Girls Novice Single Scull Division Two – First Amiee Leane, Third Matilda Donaldson

Girls Year 8 Quad Scull –  Third Jemma Green & Matilda Donaldson

Girls Year 10 – 12 Double Sculls – Second Jasmine Mick & Jessica Gunning, Third Claire Sherry & Gabby DavisIMG_2972

Girls Year 9 Division Two Single Scull – Fourth Claire Sherry

Girls Novice Quad Scull – Second Matilda Donaldson, Sarah Donaldson, Amiee Leane, Jasmine Mick, Melanie Cox (coxswain)

Girls Year 8 Double Scull – Fourth Matilda Donaldson & Jemma Green (very close, less than 1 second separated the girls from third place!)

Girls  Novice Double Scull – Second Amiee Leane & Sarah Donaldson.

Mr Robin Fay, Rowing Coordinator