A message from our Deputy Principal

March 29, 2018 at 4:02 pm

What a way to finish off a term! I thoroughly enjoyed the Easter Bonnet Parade this morning and I must thank Mrs Carrol and her team of student leaders for the fun and enjoyable games they played! It was really wonderful seeing so many of you at both the parade and the cross country event.

On Assembly this week we celebrated some marvellous student achievements. I love seeing the girls excel in the sporting, cultural and academic fields. Please feel free to email me if your daughter has something to share with our community. Let’s celebrate wonderful achievements together!

Congratulations to our Glenmore Challenge Cup Girls – two years of victory in a row! After speaking with a teacher from Glenmore High School (who happens to be a parent of ours), I had a feeling we may have done well! I think our girls had a distinct advantage when one of the tasks required a Type 3 Writing Task!

Our prefects have been leading our school with dignity and enthusiasm. International Woman’s Day and the music progress concert was brilliantly facilitated by Shyane. Our middle school council, led by Tanya, ran a fabulous crazy hair day. Thank you to Sherri for helping promote National Day Against Bullying. What a great event the handball sisters tournament was, brilliantly put together by our Year 12 students. Finally Harmony Day, led by our Year 11 students demonstrates to me how organised and enthusiastic our future leaders are.

This term, we offered an exam block experience from Year 7-10 that aligned with the year 11-12 exam block. We are strategising for the implementation of the Senior Schooling system beginning next year for our Year 11 students (current Year 10). Our staff are in the process of  professional development training and will begin writing assessment pieces next term, led by Dr Fry. Term 2 is shaping up to be a big one!

Finally it would be remiss not to mention the RGGS ripper basketball teams. We recently shared a great break up party at Sizzler! I have enjoyed developing the girls and helping them learn the game. We now have two teams in the competition with our senior team taking home the gold! We are gathering many girls down at training every Friday afternoon and I encourage more girls to come and play!

Have a wonderful break- see you on the other side!

Michelle Gouge