Staff Farewells – Rex Boggs and Ron Fredricksen

March 29, 2018 at 3:29 pm

It is sadly time to farewell Mr Rex Boggs. Rex joined us mid way through last year and originally was here to do a few weeks relief. He soon became a much loved part of the school. His work with our girls in Maths and the extra hours of tutoring have made a great impact on our girls’ confidence and their results. Mr Boggs is a strong advocate of growth mindset, particularly in the area of maths. Not only is he a mathematician of great note, he also doubles as an incredible photographer and many of you may have been the recipient of a photo he has taken of your daughter. We wish him well as he settles into retirement and starts his great caravanning adventure. We hope to see him back from time to time and there will always be a spare chair in the staffroom for him if he so wishes.

Ron is departing this Easter after five years with the Facilities and Grounds team at Girls Grammar. Ron has been one of the behind the scenes workers who: has McKeague Hall ready in its many guises each week, the pool clean for swimming, the School buildings and playgrounds tidy and ready for another days learning each morning. He has done this without fuss each day and the few times when health has prevented his work, it is really noticed.
Ron is moving to a different industry and we wish him all the best in the future.