Director of Boarding & Student Welfare

July 2, 2018 at 8:34 am

As we come to the end of another successful term at Girls Grammar, I want to congratulate the students for their extraordinary effort. It has been a busy but a rewarding experience for our students in so many ways. We began Week 1 with the Anzac ceremonies, and throughout the term we were busy with Gaia Festival, Beef Week, NAPLAN, Relay for Life, Year 12 Formal, Year 10 Mocktails, Race Day and much more.

Boarding News

Our boarders were full of energy and excitement during the week leading up to their departure to return home for the holidays. It has been a great term with the boarders and I wish them all a happy holiday with their families.

It is always a highlight of Term 2 when the Year 12 formal takes centre stage in the CAB, with the walk through prior to the event. It was lovely to see all the boarders congratulating the girls and wishing them well for their formal.

I wish to thank the boarding staff who have worked with the girls throughout the term, particularly around planning events and days out at the weekends. There was certainly some beautiful weather and the girls made the most of it at the beach, competing in Softball Sunday, Golf, Yeppoon Lagoon and many other activities.

Thank you once again to our boarding families and your support during the term. I look forward to working with you all next term and I hope you have a wonderful time during the holidays with your daughters.

Welfare News

Parenting Ideas– RGGS is a member of Parenting Ideas and I invite you to get online and browse practical tips in raising confident kids and resilient young people. Michael Grose is one of Australia’s leading parent educators and has published, “The Spoonfed Generation”, “Thriving” and many more. This website has some excellent information, so I encourage you to look at the variety of topics available.

Referral Agencies in Rockhampton –  We continue to work with a number of referral agencies in Rockhampton, including Child Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS) based at the Rockhampton Hospital, Headspace and Wahroonga. These agencies have a variety of services including counselling, assessments and group therapy sessions. If you require any information on services available, please contact me on 0407196205.