What’s On – Week 7 Term 3

August 31, 2018 at 4:04 pm

Boarding Bulletin – Term 3 Week 6

August 31, 2018 at 4:03 pm

What a week of mixed emotions!

Anxiety, stress and worry leading into exams, relief and joy when the exam is over. Sadness and love as we farewelled our much-loved chef, Mark Thompson on assembly but grateful for the wonderful meals he has prepared, not only for us boarders but the entire Girls Grammar community.

For many, last weekend was a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality time with family on the Boarder’s long weekend.  For those that remained, there were plenty of activities to keep them entertained including watching the CQ Capras final home game against the PNG Hunters and an outing to the Dreamtime Cultural Centre.

Opti-minds was hosted at Girls Grammar on Sunday and we would like to thank and congratulate, not just the boarding students but, all those who volunteered their time and/or competed.

The girls are eagerly (and some with a little trepidation) preparing for various activities next week – Camp (Years 6,7,8,9 and 11), Work Experience (Year 10) and QCS testing (Year 12). We look forward to reporting on these events next week.

Weekend Activities – 31 Aug, 1 Sept, 2 Sept

On a final sombre note, our thoughts and prayers are with Director of Boarding, Mrs Hyde-Mewburn as she mourns the passing of her father.

A Word from our Principal

August 31, 2018 at 10:30 am

The week began early this week with a full day of Optiminds on Sunday.  What an amazing day it was.  Girls Grammar led the way not only hosting the event but participating very successfully.  My congratulations go to all the girls who competed. I’d also like to recognise the efforts of the many parents who supported and assisted on the day – with our teams and our hosting duties.  Congratulations to our winners, Highly Commanded team and the Spirit Award winners.  We look forward to seeing the progress of our year 10/11 team and our year 5 team as they travel to Brisbane to participate in the state finals.  Thank you to Mrs Gouge who led a team of staff to ensure the day was a successful one for Girls Grammar.


This week was exam block.  These exams are arguably some of the most important the year 12’s will do.  I have been impressed with the girls’ dedication to their studies and I suspect there has been much midnight oil burnt this week.  Thank you to Dr Fry for co-ordinating the exam block and ensuring our girls are in line with QCAA requirements for the end of the year.


The year 8 girls had an opportunity to participate in the QMEA Energy for the Future Challenge in Blackwater this week.  This is an opportunity available only to QMEA schools and provides the girls with the chance to work with members of industry in resource related fields.  Well done to all of the girls who took up this opportunity.


I was pleased to be able to attend the great debate between RGGS and Heights Senior teams on Wednesday night.  The topic that “Free will is an illusion” was a challenging one and I was impressed with the level of complexity in the girls’ arguments – from religion to chaos theory and every stop in between.  Our debaters have done us proud this year – Brianna, Taylor and Kailee.  It’s been inspirational to see them grow.


Our NAPLAN data was released this week and initial view of it once again affirms the quality of teaching and learning at Girls Grammar.  Once again, we lead the way in writing but the big improver this year has been numeracy.  I will include a more detailed breakdown of the results in the coming week.


Next week is camp week – and it’s a highlight of the year for many.  With girls heading to all parts of the state, it promises to be a great week of leadership, adventure and friendship.  It’s amazing how clearly I remember the camps I went to when I was at school. I hope the girls all enjoy themselves.  Our year 10 students will go to work experience during the week as well.  This is a great opportunity for them to dip their toes into the world of work!  Our year 11’s will participate in leadership activities in preparation to prefectship next year.  The year 12’s will sit the Queensland Core Skills Test under the supervision of Dr Fry.  Good luck girls – you are ready for it!


There are a number of activities for the boarders this weekend which should be a great break from the rigours of study!  Friday Night basketball, Saturday shopping, the St Brendan’s Rodeo and a trip to the new Kershaw gardens on Sunday should provide every girl at least one opportunity to get out and about this weekend.   Thank you to the Boarding Staff for their commitment to the girls.  Mrs Hyde Mewburn is on bereavement leave for the next few days with the passing of her father on Thursday.  We extend our deepest condolences to her and her family.  Mrs Rattenbury and Mrs Ung are points of contact in her absence.


Until next week


2018 Semester 2 Parent Webinar Program

August 31, 2018 at 8:55 am

What’s On – Term 3 Week 6

August 24, 2018 at 2:46 pm

RGGS Weekly Roundup – Term 3 Week 5

August 24, 2018 at 2:45 pm

It has been another week of celebration of our girls achievements at Girls Grammar.  I was very pleased to be able to attend the Reflections art show this week.  This exhibition of student work has been prepared by Mrs Hanasy-Cheers.  It is a wonderful display of the talents of our girls.  I was extremely impressed with the quality of the work and very much so by the work of some of our younger girls.  It’s a great example of what passionate teaching and love for a subject can produce.   Thank you to all involved.

Congratulations to all of our girls who participated in the recent Capricornia Athletics Trials in Emerald – it’s a huge commitment of time.  I would like to acknowledge all of the girls and their parents for their efforts.  Particular congratulations go to the four athletes who were selected in the Capricornia team  – two from Year 10 – Jayme and Abigail and two from Year 12 – Sherri and Jemma. Good luck to all of you for the next stage.  It goes to show that a small school environment is no barrier to excellence in sport.

We have also had some other outstanding sporting/artistic achievements  – with Macey (Year 11) in the State Baton Twirling and Bridie (Year 5) competing in the National PhysiPole Aerials this weekend.

It’s Book Week  – a celebration of all things reading. Thank you to Mrs Donaldson who has steered the helm of the celebrations from the library.  With everything form the inter-house reading challenge to scavenger hunt to the Book Week costume parade, it certainly is a highlight of the school year.  I have been spending some time looking for inspiration for a costume and have been amazed by some of the stand outs on Facebook over the course of the week.  These will surely be matched by the efforts of our girls today.  For me, can I say thank goodness for the Harry Potter series which makes an old academic gown a great costume! Photos will be uploaded to our Website Photo Gallery shortly

Last weekend, Mr Edwards, Mrs Hyde-Mewburn, Mr Borg, Mr Ross Johnson and I represented Girls Grammar at the Australian Educator Awards.  Whilst we did not come away with the final trophy – it was certainly a great honour to be in a room of some of the most outstanding schools in the nation.  It was a privilege to be able to fly the Girls Grammar flag in such company.  Congratulations to Kangaroo Island Community College who took out our category.

As we head into a Boarder’s long weekend, I hope that all the girls have a chance to recoup and prepare for the second half of the term.  The next two weeks will be amongst some of the most important in our Year 12 students’ schooling – with an exam block followed by Core Skills Testing in Week 7.  I cannot stress enough the importance of staying focused and on task.  There is time enough for rest and parties later in the year.  Right now, we need to be honed in on preparing a solid foundation for our futures.  I wish all the girls the best for their exam block.

Mrs Christine Hills (Principal)

Boarding Bulletin – Term 3 Week 5

August 24, 2018 at 2:41 pm

This weekend is the Boarder’s Long Weekend and students are not due to return to boarding until Monday afternoon. For students unable to return home there will be supervisors on duty and a number of activities planned.

Weekend activities 25, 26, 27 August

Some girls have taken advantage of staying in the dorms to prepare for exams and complete assessments. We are also hosting Opti-minds on Sunday and a number of boarders have volunteered their time to assist. Thank you girls!

Students from Year 10 – 12 will be participating in an assessment block from Tuesday 28 August to Friday 31 August. During this time, Years 11 and 12 will only be required to attend for their exams. I have tried to accommodate Year 11 and 12’s request to have some snacks available in the dorms during exam block. The girls will be able to have breakfast in the dorm if they wish (cereals, toast with spreads will be available).

Last weekend’s activities were enjoyed by all of the girls, in particular the Art Exhibition and walk along the waterfront on Friday night. A big thank you to Mrs Walker for the great photos, the girls certainly had a fabulous time.

Next week, I will be meeting with Year 10 girls to speak with them about the plan to move some girls to Kollar House, as we continue to receive more enrolments for boarding during the term. Our capacity in Jackson House has been met. Year 9 girls will move to Upper Jackson, allowing space in Lower Jackson. I know a move during term time is not ideal but some girls may be interested in a change. If so, I will work with them for a smooth transition.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Mrs Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn (Director Boarding and Student Welfare)

Young Filmmakers Competition

August 23, 2018 at 10:42 am

Are you a CQ high school student who enjoys filming in your spare time? Or perhaps thinking of a career in Movies or Media?
Then have a go at the Young Filmmakers Challenge, proudly supported by Rotary and CQ Health. We’re looking for videos no longer than three (3) minutes that explore the theme ‘Tobacco: stop smoking/never start smoking’. There’s great prizes on offer, including $500 for the best entry! Visit the link for more info and start filming! https://www.health.qld.gov.au/cq/10000-lives/for-schools/cq-young-filmmakers-competition

What’s On – Term 3 Week 5

August 17, 2018 at 4:05 pm

RGGS Weekly Roundup – Term 3 Week 4

August 17, 2018 at 4:05 pm

It’s been a great week at Girls Grammar.  Science Week has held the girls interest with several activities held on the terrace at lunch times.  From terrariums to experiments with milk, it was great to see our girls getting involved.  Thank you to Kailee, the STEM Prefect, and to Mrs Dey and Mr Borg for their participation in the activities.  Approximately 80% of our Seniors study at least one science subject and science degrees were the most popular destination for our 2017 graduates.

From Science to Humanities, this week saw our girls Senior Debating team storm into the finals of the Rockhampton Schools Debating Competition.  With an emphatic win over St Ursula’s Yeppoon, our girls had to debate whether Life was indeed like a box of chocolates.  Taylor (Year 11), Brianna (Year 12) and Kailee (Year 12) have had an outstanding debating season and we look forward to supporting them in the final against Heights College when they will be debating the notion that Humans have free will.

In other Humanities news, Mr Edwards has been busily organising a 2019 Canberra trip.  This will give the girls the opportunity to experience our nation’s capital, and its many attractions.  It will also include a side trip to tour universities in Brisbane as well as one of the UQ residential colleges.  If you would like your daughter to be able to participate, please go to Parent Lounge for more information.  Mr Edwards is also available to answer any questions you may have.  Another opportunity exists in 2019 with the Music Tour to New Zealand.  This is an incredible opportunity for our music students to experience an international competition.  Again, you can register your interest via Parent Lounge.


We were proud to be able to acknowledge the achievements of our girls on this week’s assembly.  Camryn (Year 7) is the latest recipient of a Polly Wonga award in recognition of her selection  in the National Under 13 and State Under 14 Indigenous Netball teams.  The OzTag girls were also acknowledged for their recent efforts at the OzTag All Schools competition.  OzTag is a rapidly growing sport in the Rockhampton area and Girls Grammar is a lead school in this sport.  Congratulations to Abigail (Year 10) who was awarded the Player’s Player and to Nonie (Year 12) who received the Coaches Award.


There are so many opportunities for our girls to shine including the Girls Grammar Art Show – Reflections.  Under the incredible guidance of Mrs Hanasy-Cheers, the exhibition will open in the Kern Arcade, Rockhampton today and run until the 24 August.  This is a wonderful showcase of the incredible talent of our girls and I encourage you to get down to have a look at the work they have done.

Tonight, we will attend the Educator Education Awards in Sydney.  Girls Grammar is one of eight schools in Australia in line for Regional School of the Year.  We look forward to the opportunity to showcase our wonderful school on the national stage.


Until next week.

Ms Christine Hills (Principal)

Boarding Bulletin – Term 3 Week 4

August 17, 2018 at 4:05 pm

After a weekend of fun activities it was back to business on Monday.

STEM Prefect and boarder, Kailee, along with Mrs Dey and Mr Borg coordinated week long activities to celebrate Science Week.

On assembly this week, Morgan was awarded Writer of the Week, Nonie received the Coaches Award for OzTag Allschools and Camryn was inducted into the Poly Wonga Hall of Fame for her selection in the National Under 13 and State Under 14 Indigenous Netball team. Congratulations girls!

Next week we celebrate Book Week and the RGGS Art Exhibition continues to run until 24 August.

Weekend Activities 17, 18, 19 August


RGGS 2018 Art Exhibition – Reflections

August 17, 2018 at 3:11 pm

Year 2 Letters of Love

August 13, 2018 at 2:12 pm

This week our ‘Clever Confident and Connected’ Year 2 class spent their art lesson creating some beautiful art pieces for our drought stricken farmers in the hope that it will put a smile on their faces. Letters of Love Australia is an organisation who are gathering letters for our farmers in order to lift morale during this devastating drought. So we decided to let them know that they aren’t alone and that we hear them! Along with their artworks (which included a positive affirmation of their choice) the girls wrote a heartfelt letter to the farmers in the hope that it will brighten their days, lift their spirits and give them hope.




What’s On – Week 4 Term 3

August 10, 2018 at 4:06 pm

RGGS Weekly Roundup – Week 3 Term 3

August 10, 2018 at 3:53 pm

It’s been a great start to term 3 with Girls Grammar welcoming a number of new girls to our community.  It’s great to see their excited faces on the first day and to hear their stories.  Welcome to:

  • Ava (1 Rockhampton)
  • Maddi (10 Blackwater)
  • Phoebe (7 Emerald)
  • Mackenzi (11 Rockhampton)
  • Cassandra (1 Rockhampton)
  • Ally (6 Nebo)
  • Abbey (10 Rockhampton)
  • Josie (10 Rockhampton)
  • Sessie (9 Murray Is)
  • Hannah (10 Rockhampton)
  • Madeline (8 Injune)
  • Mia (2 Gracemere)

We are looking forward to watching you grow with us.

Since the start of the term, we have had much opportunity to celebrate including one of the largest celebrations of the year, NAIDOC assembly.  It was, as it always seems to be, a colourful and joyous celebration of culture.  I would like to acknowledge Kelsey, our ATSI prefect and her committee for the work they did putting this together.  It was great to see the St Brendan’s dancers and the choir from St Ursula’s celebrate with us.  Most moving for me was probably Jessica Paynes’ tribute to her grandmother.  Jess is a third generation RGGS student and her grandmother was the first indigenous student enrolled here.  Jess told the incredible story of the barriers she faced to be able to attend our school, ‘Because of her, we can’.  Thank you to Mrs Graham and Ms Haddock for their support and mentoring of the girls.

Sports Day is always a highlight of the year and the girls were very excited to hear the results of the secondary sports on Assembly this week.  Congratulations to our winning house Williams and to Downs for winning the coveted House Spirit Award.  Congratulations to our Age Champions:

12 Years Charlize Mallyon Emilia Heilig Bonita Solomon
13 Years Arkadie Dwyer Claudia Heffer Ashley Mott Schafer
14 Years Zara Priddle Amelia Driscoll Grier McRae
15 Years Tayla Wallace Abigail Hills Jayme McKellar
16 Years Raven Achoo Alana Agostini Lucy Brown
17 Years Kayla Sirriss Jemma Mallyon Vashnee Thorburn Williams

Congratulations to some other big winners – Abigail Hills  – winner of the RGGS Gift Fastest Girl, The Boarders, who won the Tug of War, and the Teachers were victorious in the Teacher vs Student race.

Primary Athletic results will be announced at next Primary Assembly and published in upcoming newsletters.

Academic Colours were presented on Assembly as well this week.  Congratulations to the 21 girls who were awarded Half Colours and the 26 who were awarded Full Colours.  Congratulations also to the 9 girls who were awarded Academic Merits and to the student who was awarded Academic Excellence.  It’s great to see the spread of awards.

My message to all the girls was of persistence – it’s important to recognise these achievements but I also acknowledge there were probably some disappointed girls in the room – not only with Colours but sports results.  I challenged them to think about how they could make that extra effort – run the extra race, complete the triple jump even if it’s not your favourite event, study that bit longer, see a teacher one more time for advice on an assignment.  Improvement is possible!

Congratulations also to the Writers of the Week for each year level and to Aria Watts – the Writer of the Week.

Year 5 – Aria Watts
Year 6 – Douceur Sakwa
Year 7 – Emilia Heilig (With special mention to Jessica O’Sullivan)
Year 8 – Claire Knight
Year 9 – Heather Maitland
Year 10 – Josie Jackson and Logan Cox
Year 11 – Faustina Samiak

As I write this, many of our girls are getting ready for the Oratory Competition. As the term unfolds, the girls will have many opportunities in front of them – as you can see from what’s on next week.  I encourage them to get involved wherever possible and to take up these opportunities.  Participating in a wide variety of activities can help extend and grow their talents and skills.

Ms Christine Hills (Principal)

Boarding Bulletin – Week 3 Term 3

August 10, 2018 at 3:53 pm

Our boarders have been very busy this week with extra curricular commitments. It’s great to see the girls out and about and actively participating in sport and cultural activities.

A highlight of the week was our Academic  Assembly on Wednesday and I was very proud sitting on stage watching so many of our boarding community congratulated by our Principal, Christine Hills. The year 12 boarders were also recognised for their achievement in the tug of war against the day girls at the athletics carnival. A great achievement and our year 12 boarders now await the cake cooked by the Principal. This has been a great tradition for many years.

There has certainly been a cold snap this week in Rockhampton and the girls have been rugged up more than usual at night. We are hoping for warmer weather to arrive. Our weekend activities will be listed each week in this Bulletin, so I ask you to encourage your daughter to get involved.

Last weekend Kollar House invited Year 10 to join them for a steak night on the verandah outside Year 11 dorm. The girls enjoyed cooking “great steak” on the barbecue and later danced the night away. It was an excellent night and will become a monthly activity for the girls.

Our younger girls have enjoyed the movies, restaurants, shopping trips and walks to the Botanical gardens and the Zoo. I am hoping more girls will make an effort to get involved and enjoy the activities on offer.

Weekend Activities 10th, 11th, 12th August

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn (Director of Boarding and Student Welfare)



Olivia Harwood – Creative Generations 2018

August 10, 2018 at 10:57 am

Creative Generations is a super prestigious art exhibition where only the best local artists are selected to go to Regionals. From Regionals, select pieces will be exhibited in the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane and go on a travelling exhibition around Australia.

I am pleased to announce that Olivia Harwood’s work has been chosen to go to Emerald to the Regional Exhibition. She worked very hard and is very well deserved.

Olivia has created a series of etchings which she carved then printed many times, worked into some with watercolour, cut some up and stitched some together to create a layered effect. The single image does not have the Perspex etched plate on top so you can see how much work and detail is under each one.

Below is a poster should you be out that way and able to attend.

Mrs Nora Hanasy-Cheers (Senior Visual Arts Teacher)


St Brendan’s College Rodeo

August 9, 2018 at 1:23 pm

RGGS Book Week Celebrations 2018

August 9, 2018 at 11:47 am

Monday 20 August – Cake on the terrace to celebrate Book week 2018 – ‘Find your Treasure’ is the theme this year.

Monday 20 August – Commencement of Interhouse reading challenge – May the best house win!!!!

Tuesday 21 August – Find a word puzzles in the Library

Wednesday 22 August – Treasure hunt – to be completed and handed in to Library by Friday 24 August

Thursday 23 August – More word puzzles in the Library

Friday 24 August – Come dressed as you favourite book character – Theme is ‘Find your Treasure’ for P-12

Friday 24 August – conclusion of Interhouse reading challenge.

Year 9/10 Art

August 6, 2018 at 3:24 pm

Emu Park SLSC Sign on dates

August 6, 2018 at 2:17 pm

Week 3 Term 3 Important dates

August 3, 2018 at 12:18 pm

Boarding Weekend activities

August 3, 2018 at 8:42 am

Bella Voce Gold placing

August 2, 2018 at 9:21 am

Students in Girls Grammar vocal group Bella Voce participated in the CQ University Jazz festival over the weekend.

Bella Voce were adjudicated on a 15 minute performance which was followed by 2 hours of workshops with adjudicator James Mustafa and CQU clinician Nicole Thomson.

This was an amazing opportunity for the singers to hone their vocal and ensemble skills and gain valuable feedback from professionals in the field.

Congratulations to Bella Voce for their well-earned Gold placing.