RGGS Weekly Roundup – Week 3 Term 3

August 10, 2018 at 3:53 pm

It’s been a great start to term 3 with Girls Grammar welcoming a number of new girls to our community.  It’s great to see their excited faces on the first day and to hear their stories.  Welcome to:

  • Ava (1 Rockhampton)
  • Maddi (10 Blackwater)
  • Phoebe (7 Emerald)
  • Mackenzi (11 Rockhampton)
  • Cassandra (1 Rockhampton)
  • Ally (6 Nebo)
  • Abbey (10 Rockhampton)
  • Josie (10 Rockhampton)
  • Sessie (9 Murray Is)
  • Hannah (10 Rockhampton)
  • Madeline (8 Injune)
  • Mia (2 Gracemere)

We are looking forward to watching you grow with us.

Since the start of the term, we have had much opportunity to celebrate including one of the largest celebrations of the year, NAIDOC assembly.  It was, as it always seems to be, a colourful and joyous celebration of culture.  I would like to acknowledge Kelsey, our ATSI prefect and her committee for the work they did putting this together.  It was great to see the St Brendan’s dancers and the choir from St Ursula’s celebrate with us.  Most moving for me was probably Jessica Paynes’ tribute to her grandmother.  Jess is a third generation RGGS student and her grandmother was the first indigenous student enrolled here.  Jess told the incredible story of the barriers she faced to be able to attend our school, ‘Because of her, we can’.  Thank you to Mrs Graham and Ms Haddock for their support and mentoring of the girls.

Sports Day is always a highlight of the year and the girls were very excited to hear the results of the secondary sports on Assembly this week.  Congratulations to our winning house Williams and to Downs for winning the coveted House Spirit Award.  Congratulations to our Age Champions:

12 Years Charlize Mallyon Emilia Heilig Bonita Solomon
13 Years Arkadie Dwyer Claudia Heffer Ashley Mott Schafer
14 Years Zara Priddle Amelia Driscoll Grier McRae
15 Years Tayla Wallace Abigail Hills Jayme McKellar
16 Years Raven Achoo Alana Agostini Lucy Brown
17 Years Kayla Sirriss Jemma Mallyon Vashnee Thorburn Williams

Congratulations to some other big winners – Abigail Hills  – winner of the RGGS Gift Fastest Girl, The Boarders, who won the Tug of War, and the Teachers were victorious in the Teacher vs Student race.

Primary Athletic results will be announced at next Primary Assembly and published in upcoming newsletters.

Academic Colours were presented on Assembly as well this week.  Congratulations to the 21 girls who were awarded Half Colours and the 26 who were awarded Full Colours.  Congratulations also to the 9 girls who were awarded Academic Merits and to the student who was awarded Academic Excellence.  It’s great to see the spread of awards.

My message to all the girls was of persistence – it’s important to recognise these achievements but I also acknowledge there were probably some disappointed girls in the room – not only with Colours but sports results.  I challenged them to think about how they could make that extra effort – run the extra race, complete the triple jump even if it’s not your favourite event, study that bit longer, see a teacher one more time for advice on an assignment.  Improvement is possible!

Congratulations also to the Writers of the Week for each year level and to Aria Watts – the Writer of the Week.

Year 5 – Aria Watts
Year 6 – Douceur Sakwa
Year 7 – Emilia Heilig (With special mention to Jessica O’Sullivan)
Year 8 – Claire Knight
Year 9 – Heather Maitland
Year 10 – Josie Jackson and Logan Cox
Year 11 – Faustina Samiak

As I write this, many of our girls are getting ready for the Oratory Competition. As the term unfolds, the girls will have many opportunities in front of them – as you can see from what’s on next week.  I encourage them to get involved wherever possible and to take up these opportunities.  Participating in a wide variety of activities can help extend and grow their talents and skills.

Ms Christine Hills (Principal)