Boarding Bulletin – Term 3 Week 6

August 31, 2018 at 4:03 pm

What a week of mixed emotions!

Anxiety, stress and worry leading into exams, relief and joy when the exam is over. Sadness and love as we farewelled our much-loved chef, Mark Thompson on assembly but grateful for the wonderful meals he has prepared, not only for us boarders but the entire Girls Grammar community.

For many, last weekend was a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality time with family on the Boarder’s long weekend.  For those that remained, there were plenty of activities to keep them entertained including watching the CQ Capras final home game against the PNG Hunters and an outing to the Dreamtime Cultural Centre.

Opti-minds was hosted at Girls Grammar on Sunday and we would like to thank and congratulate, not just the boarding students but, all those who volunteered their time and/or competed.

The girls are eagerly (and some with a little trepidation) preparing for various activities next week – Camp (Years 6,7,8,9 and 11), Work Experience (Year 10) and QCS testing (Year 12). We look forward to reporting on these events next week.

Weekend Activities – 31 Aug, 1 Sept, 2 Sept

On a final sombre note, our thoughts and prayers are with Director of Boarding, Mrs Hyde-Mewburn as she mourns the passing of her father.