Term Overview – Humanities

September 24, 2018 at 2:10 pm

This term, in the Humanities faculty, has been one full of achievement and progress. Girls across all year levels have been well immersed in a wide variety of learning strategies to further engage in their exciting units of History and Geography. Students have been excitedly engaged in the following units of work, which have allowed them to investigate the past and explore how geography plays an important role in understanding the modern world:

  • Year 7 HSS – History: Ancient China

  • Year 8 HSS – History: Japan Under the Shogun

  • Year 9 HSS – History: World War I

  • Year 10 HSS – Geography: Geographies of Human Wellbeing

  • Year 11 and 12 Modern History – Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • Year 11 and 12 Ancient History – Pharaonic Power in Ancient Egypt

Girls have shown great interest and intrigue in these topics and it has been great to see such a high interest in the studies of the past and present. Within these units of work, the Humanities teaching team have also implemented strategies designed by the Collins Institute. Following a very successful implementation in Semester One of well-researched strategies, students in all grades have been practicing these in their classrooms and achievement of knowledge retention linking to results is evident. This strategy is very well suited to the Humanities classroom and can be used to summarise key documents of information and will be used for lengthy research tasks, without students being intimidated by dreaded plagiarism.

Students have had a good term in Humanities and the teaching team are very excited for another productive and successful Term Four.

Mr Edwards, Mrs Whitehand and Mrs Graham