Humanities is alive at RGGS!

December 3, 2018 at 1:34 pm

Term 4 is always a very busy one at RGGS and the Humanities department is no exception. Our very clever girls finished off the year with some very exciting units of work across the Social Sciences. These units of work reflect that of an ever changing and contemporary world, focussing mainly on events and institutions that impact on everyday lives. Students studied:

  • Year 7 – Civics and Citizenship – Australian Parliament and Democratic Processes
  • Year 8 – Civics and Citizenship – Australian Identity
  • Year 9 – History – World War I
  • Year 10 – Civics and Citizenship – Climate Change and the United Nations response
  • Year 11 / 12 Modern History – Imperialism
  • Year 11 / 12 Ancient History – Greek Philosophers

2018 has been a very successful year within the Humanities faculty. With leading edge teaching and learning practices, our students have acquired knowledge vital to their membership of Australian society.

We are very much looking forward to an even more successful 2019!

Mr Edwards, Mrs Whitehand, Ms Miller-Waugh and Mrs Graham