International Women’s Day

March 8, 2019 at 2:39 pm

It has been a day of celebrating clever, confident and connected women at RGGS. From Prep right through to Year 12, the students and teachers have talked about why it is great to be a woman.

Seniors, Dakota and Taylor, also organised for students to write down on a piece of paper what it means to be a woman. Today these are proudly hanging in reception. Take a look to see what some of our students said:

Year 3 spoke about how awesome it is that the girls are able to attend RGGS, a school dedicated to the education for girls. They also discussed about how women were treated in the past and how far the world has come. The girls were shocked to hear that years ago women were not seen as important, could not work in certain jobs, could not go to school/university, could not vote or even make decisions about their lives and family. They spoke about today being a day to remember the strong women in the past that have done incredible things to make life better for women in the future.