Harmony Day at RGGS

March 15, 2019 at 12:45 pm

Year 11 students worked hard to deliver a morning full of culture, inclusion and fun on Wednesday this week for Harmony Day.

Every student had the chance to be involved with the days celebrations.

The celebrations saw our girls immerse themselves in many cultures.

The girls had the chance to explore the following countries this year:
– Samoa
– France
– New Zealand
– Australia
– Jamaica
– Madagascar
– Egypt

There were many fun activities throughout the morning such as chariot races in Greece, face painting in Samoa, Eiffel Tower building in France, jandal and chilly bin throwing in New Zealand, fairy bread and thong decorating in Australia, good music and races in Jamaica, soccer in Madagascar and mummifying in Egypt.

The morning was finished off with a whole school photo on the oval.