WHO’S IN YOUR TEAM? – A word from our Acting Principal

March 15, 2019 at 2:11 pm

As I pen this letter, I am down in Maryborough supporting my 16-year-old son in the 2019 School Boys Softball State Championships. What has struck me this tournament is how this particularly young team has bonded which has led to some unexpected results – our team is winning more games than losing. Individually, there are some great players in this team. The other teams though have some high-profile players in numbers, yet we are still very competitive against them. These boys are enjoying each other’s company. They get along. They have communicated well. They respect and listen to their coach. They share meal times together even though that was not what was organised. All these qualities make the foundations of a great team.

Our school can learn a lot from what successful teams do. It is important that we enjoy each other’s company and get along. It is important that we communicate. It is essential that we respect one another and listen. I know that sometimes qualities weaken. I know that sometimes one of the players let us down. We need to however, always remember what great teams do – that is, pick each other up and get on with the task of competing at our best in the game.

This week we have launched our screening of Screenagers. I am thrilled to be hosting this event and ask that you purchase your tickets quickly as we are limited to 300 seats. We will be advertising to the wider community. The film is an award-winning film that probes into the vulnerable corners of family life and depicts messy struggles over social media. Our team has managed to secure an expert panel, including Clinical Psychologist, Jamie Parnell, University Lecturer, Kate Moore (who also works in the field of social work) and Police Officer Warren Williams. Due to licencing, we are unable to live stream this event and it will be a one evening only event (Thursday 4 April). I do hope that you and your daughter can join us for the evening. Our P&F are dutifully supporting us by stocking snacks and drinks for purchase on the night. Tickets are selling fast – please confirm your attendance as soon as possible.






We have several high achievers this week and we celebrate their accomplishments with them! Congratulations Tina-Mae, Danielle and Jessica for their selection in the Rockhampton Volleyball team. There are a number of CAP trials happening next week, as is our examination block. Please ladies, ensure you are having a balance between your studies and your extra-curricular commitments. Good luck in your examinations and prepare well. I know how invested your teachers are in your results.

I hope that you enjoyed your week as much as I have! My door is always open. I encourage you to talk with me. Girls – I will see you on the playground.

Mrs Michelle Gouge (Acting Principal)