A word from our Acting Principal

June 21, 2019 at 12:11 pm

21 June 2019

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians


I shared with the girls on assembly this week a social story about how struggling to fit in to circles can be crushing and difficult and that fitting in is one of the toughest social skills to develop, especially when we can’t find our place. When our friendship circle looks like an ‘O’ it seems very closed off to those around us. Others find it difficult to get in, people are being left out and there is an increase of people feeling lonely. This is great fun if you are on the inside but can be cruel if you are left on the outskirts looking for a way to get in. ‘O’s’ can be exclusive. They can be excluding. They can be exhausting. I have encouraged the girls to think about creating a ‘U’ where there is a little bit of space for some to enter and feel a part of our community. I know how important a tight group of friends are, and the need to keep them close by and safeguarding those relationships. However, I wish to encourage our girls to be kind, thoughtful and sympathetic. To find the introverts and say hello. To seek the lonely and to open their social circle shape to form a ‘U’. Whilst not an easy thing to do, and often out of their comfort zone, this type of behaviour builds a respectful community. That is my vision for the girls.

Last week our community built a team. Our previous chef, Mark put together an outstanding menu and many helpers were there to get the food prepared including his dedicated offsider Stacey. Thank you again to our band of helpers prior to the race day. The morning, set thick in fog, saw another merry band of helpers putting on the final touches to ensure the venue looked magnificent. It was wonderful to see new faces. We welcomed back Mrs Rogers to ensure the corporate tent was serviced professionally and swiftly. Thank you for coming back and helping our school. Again, the service from the girls and our parent volunteers madly helping in the kitchen and wash room was outstanding. Special thank you to Erin who waited on the table I was on! Mrs Graham was initiated into manager of the Party Pavilion which saw many new students having their first go at waitressing. I saw them regularly and am proud of them. I am proud of all the girls, staff and families who helped on the day. I think Mr Cheers has washed more dishes this week than he has in a life time! Thank you also to our pack up crew. The day does not end on Saturday! Our dutiful Race Day Committee Leader, Vicky Jackson, has again managed a wonderful event for our school. Her team are relentless in making sure our Race Day is the best. They succeeded!

We have an exciting update for our Air Conditioning Project. Phase One, the LED lighting project, is over 80% installed. We have 4 out of 5 lights replaced around the school and the emergency lighting replaced at the same time. Completing this project is a prelude to being able to progress with the Air Conditioning project for Kollar Boarding. In most situations the replacement lighting draws only 50% to 30% power of the lights they have replaced. The LED lights also have a five-year life span. The indication of the effect on the power consumption and peak loading should be apparent from now and in subsequent months.

Air Conditioning for Kollar Boarding has reached a stage of readiness. The formal paperwork and procedures to comply with the BGA grant is being done. Once this is finished and all monies approved, the time to install and commission will be 10 to 12 weeks. We are very much looking forward to delivering this project on time!

Last week while many of our girls were volunteering we also had a large contingency of girls playing in the Rugby 7’s Tournament. Our girls made it to the semi finals and were a terrific display of sportsmanship and skills. Thank you, Mrs Doherty, for coaching the girls. Some of our younger players were allocated to a combined team which also performed well. Congratulations to Abby D, Abigail H, Jess L, Jemma G, Jarrah T, Emma H, Lana K, Raven A and Maddi S (injured) for your selection in the representative team! Also, Dale L has won the 10-12 Year discuss event representing Rockhampton so has been selected for the Capricornia Squad. Congratulations Dale on this achievement.

I hope that you enjoyed your week as much as I have! My door is always open. I encourage you to talk with me. Girls – I will see you on the playground.


Michelle Gouge (Acting Principal)