What’s on! Week 7 Term 3

August 30, 2019 at 4:11 pm

A word from our Acting Principal

August 30, 2019 at 3:52 pm

30 August 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians


Next week is an important week for our senior students. It is also a historical event being the last ever QCS testing to be administered in QLD Education. Dr Fry and the senior teachers have been supporting, guiding and engaging our girls over the last two years in preparation for this day. I wish our seniors a successful couple of days next Tuesday and Wednesday and thank all of those involved in getting our girls ready. I am confident you will be able to be at your best!

The rest of our school is engaging in a variety of activities from year level camps, leadership camps and work experience. This is a great opportunity for our girls to develop friendships and independence over the duration of the week. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending camps over the years and always ensure the students I take feel supported and safe. The teachers and camp staff have some amazing activities for the girls to participate in and I wish them well and safe travels. I do wish our Year 10 students well as they pursue a week of work experience in their desired interests. I fondly remember my work experience as a Year 10 student at our local primary school where I got my first take on teaching. Here I am over 20 years later!

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This morning was a wonderful display of community at our Early Learning Centre, Prep V’s Fathers in footy. I am certain it was a blow out – with our girls taking the title. I enjoyed catching up with many of you this morning and loved seeing you all on our playground playing the biggest game of footy ever! Happy Father’s Day to our wonderful dads. I also had the pleasure of watching our champion netball teams today! What little legends playing in the heat and doing their best. Congratulations to all the teams who have made the finals. I am sure Mr Fuller will have some results to share with us on Assembly.

On Sunday we host the regional Optiminds Finals and we are hopeful that our two teams shine towards victory. I know the girls have independently put in a lot of hard work and I am looking forward to watching them this Sunday. Thank you to the many volunteers who have put this day together with me and are coming along to support us on the day. Our P and F team and our Cultural Prefect are also running some food stalls. Please come on down to support our volunteers.

This week I have accepted the resignation of Maree Cannavan who has decided to return home to Toowoomba. Thank you, Ms Cannavan, for your service in our Home Economics Department. We wish you well as you continue to pursue your goals. I have also accepted the resignation of Ku Lacey who after 9 years at Girls Grammar is following her husband down to the Darling Downs region. Your dedication to our school and the flourishing Cattle Club has been outstanding and we wish you well on your journey. Their gain is our loss but we thank you sincerely for your years of service!

Congratulations to the Oz Tag team who have successfully progressed to the finals tonight. Good luck girls and play hard. I hope that you enjoyed your week as much as I have! My door is always open. I encourage you to talk with me. Girls – I will see you on the playground.


Michelle Gouge          

Principal (Acting)                               

What’s on! Week 6 Term 3

August 23, 2019 at 11:54 am

A word from our Acting Principal

August 23, 2019 at 11:34 am

23 August 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians


This week on assembly I spoke with the girls about preparation and study skills. Next week we enter our Term 3 examination block. I am confident the girls are prepared, but often some reminders about the most effective way to prepare is sensible. Many of our girls will experience some level of stress next week throughout the assessment period. There is a space for a healthy level of stress – it creates adrenalin. The trick is to balance it effectively, while maintaining healthy eating and rest periods that are sensible. If you feel that your daughter has reached an unhealthy level of stress, please contact us at school. We have an amazing welfare team here who can support your daughter and provide strategies. You do not have to go through this alone.

Today we are heading out to Banana to meet with some of our boarding families in the Western Corridor. I am very pleased to be able to introduce our new Head of Boarding to our families. We intend to incorporate several trips out west and further north in our 2020 calendar year around end or beginning of school holiday periods or Boarder’s Long Weekends and AgGrow. I will be able to communicate this to you early next year to assist with your planning. I do hope that you get the opportunity to meet with Ms McCarthy over the next term.

Please take the time over the next couple of week to assist your daughter in Year 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 11 to prepare for camp. Each camp has a separate camp equipment and packing list and it is vital the girls have the tools they need in order to be successful. We are very excited about Camp Week! It is one of the most anticipated weeks of the year and I absolutely love the friendships and comradery built over this shared week together. Thank you to our teachers who have agreed to go on camp. We appreciate you very much.

Our PNG team is well into preparation for the big trip in September. We will be welcoming our PNG sister school in November. I am looking forward to sharing with you our experience through our social media channels.

I have received final approval from our Air-Conditioning tender process late yesterday afternoon. This is the final stage before we can start to install! Over the school break the successful company will be in our Kollar House getting the infrastructure built. We are very much on track for a Term 4 delivery which is very exciting for the girls!

Congratulations to the Touch Football Team this week for team of the week! I hope that you enjoyed your week as much as I have! My door is always open. I encourage you to talk with me. Girls – I will see you on the playground.


Michelle Gouge          

Principal (Acting)                               

A Word from our Acting Principal

August 16, 2019 at 3:58 pm


Developing problem solving and critical thinking skills are essential skills for the 21st Century learner and one subject that seamlessly facilitates the building of these skills is science. This week we celebrated Science Week at school where our STEAM prefect, Leah, hosted a myriad of activities, experiments and challenges alongside our dedicated science teaching team. Our chef managed to delight us with some culinary delights in the kitchen and alfoil created decorations including space hats. I enjoyed sharing with the girls some key milestones in space exploration and encouraged our girls to consider a career in the field of science to follow in the footsteps of many others who have done so before them. Thank you for a great celebration.

This week we have accepted several sponsors and volunteers for our Bulls N Barrels event coming up in October. We still need you! If you are considering sponsoring this event, please give our P and F a call or pop into the office and we can assist. This event is a highlight on the school calendar and we hope that you can be involved.

Similarly, we are still taking donations and support for the renovations of our Heritage listed tennis courts. Thank you for your continual support of these events and needs in our school. Our community is strengthened by the support of its members and we appreciate you all.   

Next week I am very much looking forward to introducing our Head of Boarding to our Western Corridor families, Old Girls and prospective students. I do hope that if you are within a suitable distance to come along and share a meal together. Your connection to us is very important to me.

We will be sharing with you our newly branded ‘What’s On’ for the week. Special thanks to Mr Cheers who has contributed greatly to getting this into a format that is simple, yet elegant. I hope you enjoy reading about what is coming up for the week. We are always so busy here at school!

Sending well wishes to our small but determined group of athletes heading up to Mackay next week to compete in the Athletics trials for Capricornia selection. I hope that you enjoyed your week as much as I have! My door is always open. I encourage you to talk with me. Girls – I will see you on the playground.

Michelle Gouge                                     

Principal (Acting)                   

What’s On! Week 5 Term 3

August 16, 2019 at 3:58 pm

Holiday camp on offer throughout September

August 16, 2019 at 3:42 pm

BLAST CAMP 2019 will be held in the first week of the spring school holidays from Monday 23rd September to Friday 27th September) at the PCYC Capricorn Coast Leadership Development Centre at Cooee Bay in Yeppoon. Our camp includes all cabin accommodation, activities, food and transport, and is specifically catered for boys and girls in Years 5 to 8.  The camp incorporates spiritual aspects around the Christian faith that is suitable for their growing age and development.  Our camp leaders generously volunteer their time to help run the program together as a team.  All our directors and leaders are required to undergo training in child protection and safety, and must also be in possession of an approved blue card or be willing to apply for one before they can take part. 

Students who are 16 years or older are also invited to join Blast Camp as junior leaders.  As they are under 18, junior leaders are not required to have a blue card, but we would love to encourage them to volunteer their time.  Their contribution to help assist in our camp program under the supervision of our camp directors and leaders (18+) will most certainly be appreciated.  

Oceania Cup

August 16, 2019 at 3:16 pm

A word from our Acting Principal

August 9, 2019 at 3:45 pm

9 August 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians


I was fortunate enough to have front row seating for the wonderful celebration and display this week for NAIDOC. I was so proud of the way our ATSI students danced, delivered passionate speeches and inspired their audience. We were also joined by both Indigenous and Torres Strait Elders and experienced a very special smoking ceremony. I stood shoulder to shoulder with the girls and staff and could feel the atmosphere through every part of my body. Thank you to ATSI prefect, Tina-Mae, and ATSI committee teacher, Mr Morris for your coordination of this amazing event. Also, a special thank you to Ms Conway-Dodd who was integral to the planning, training and organisation of the event and MJ Dorante for assisting with the dance training. We have some amazing people here!

On Monday evening, our International students were treated to a Civic reception from the Mayor. It was fun teaching the girls how to do the ‘Heal and Toe’ and participate in a variety of famous Australian songs and dance. Rockhampton is focusing on engagement of International Students and I was proud to attend with our girls from all over the world.

On Wednesday night, Rockhampton Girls Grammar featured on every news channel and radio station in Rockhampton. We were selected by the Royal Australian Airforce road crew to engage in their Flight Simulator Experience. What a wonderful opportunity to engage our girls in something so challenging yet thrilling. Thank you, Dr Fry, for coordinating this day for the girls.

QMEA has also sponsored two very special events for our Year 8 girls this week. We had QMEA ambassadors working with them on Wednesday at school and then all our Year 8 girls headed off with Ms Bath to TCC for an alternative energy investigation. From all accounts the girls thoroughly enjoyed their science immersion experiences.

Several senior students were also engaged at the Hey YOUth Summit held in Rockhampton. I managed to see them on their return where they were filled with recounts of fabulous guest speakers and opportunities to learn about prevalent issues and considerations for today’s youth.

This week we have launched two opportunities for our community to support our school. We are undertaking a makeover of our heritage listed tennis courts and promoting the P and F driven Bulls’N’Barrels event. Please consider pledging your support or volunteering your skills and time for our amazing school. Your daughter needs you!

Finally, I would like to wish our rowing students a successful campaign in Townsville this weekend.

I hope that you enjoyed your week as much as I have! My door is always open. I encourage you to talk with me. Girls – I will see you on the playground.


Michelle Gouge                                     

Principal (Acting)                               

What’s on! Week 4 Term 3

August 9, 2019 at 3:43 pm

What’s On! Week 3 Term 3

August 2, 2019 at 2:13 pm

A word from our Acting Principal

August 2, 2019 at 2:12 pm

2 August 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians


One of the exciting events is underway here at Rockhampton Girls Grammar. On assembly this week, Isla Houston (Cultural Prefect) announced this year’s theme for the Interhouse Choir – ‘Women Empowerment’. The songs are released! ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga, ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry, ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklin and ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman’ by Shania Twain. Our House Prefects have just four short sessions to choreograph and polish a very exciting choir performance. We intend to live stream again this year and of course invite you to come along on the day of the event. The girls always amaze me with their creativity and entrepreneurship each year as they dazzle their audiences!

We had a wonderful celebration this week on assembly and were spoilt with recounts of the New Zealand Tour and QISSN. We were already aware of QISSN MVP, Abigail H and Rising Star, Jarrah T, however Skyie M was awarded Task Master, Jess L, despite her injury, was awarded the Coaches Award and Abbey H, Most Improved alongside a special mention for filling in as captain.  

The House Captains had the pleasure of announcing our athletics overall and age champions, with Downs taking out the Spirit Award and Paterson taking out the prize! Congratulations! I am sure our visitors from the RFDS were thrilled to be in earshot of your roaring war cries! (Lucky we had an Old Girl in the house!)

Mid-week I was treated to Year 9/10 Theatre Displays as part of a QLD Theatre Project. I was most impressed with our girls’ character portrayal, some even adopting accents. It was delightful to see them up on the stage of the Pilbeam Theatre and I do look forward to one day seeing their name up in lights!

The P and F met last night and although a small group, they pack a punch when it comes to supporting our school. Our latest project is Bulls’N’Barrels and we are seeking your support in volunteering on the night, corporate sponsorship, raffle ticket sales and attendance. This is a major event for the school and we really do need your support to ultimately benefit our girls. Please keep an eye out for our Bulls’N’Barrels information and save the date for October 19 (Boarder’s Long Weekend). The P and F have also agreed for our Boarding Prefect, Erin G to send home the Boarding Raffle booklets to help raise money for Dorm upgrades. Thank you to the P and F for the support and work that you do.

I hope that you enjoyed your week as much as I have! My door is always open. I encourage you to talk with me. Girls – I will see you on the playground.


Michelle Gouge

Principal (Acting)

QISSN Netball award winners

August 1, 2019 at 12:11 pm

Most Improved – Abbey Harrison

This player has shown strong defence skills in and around the circle. She has listened to the feedback after every game and has implemented the skills of reaction and agility to improve not only her game but wins for the team. Her intercepts, anticipation, holding and filling in space have improved week after week and she really stood up to the mark in the last half of carnival when she had to be captain. Congratulations to most improved, Abbey Harrison

Player of the Carnival – Jarrah Thomas

The Player of the carnival this year gave 100% in every game and maintained a positive and determined attitude throughout the week. I was extremely pleased that she went for every rebound and listened to the feedback of creating space, cutting in front of her extremely tall defenders and driving to the ball. She remained focused during her games, she shot extremely well under pressure and held her player within the circle. This player was also announced in the Rising Stars Team, only 10 players are selected from the 640 participating throughout the week. This team recognises the up and coming talented players of the tournament, selected by netball coach and former Australian netballer, Vicki Wilson. Congratulations to the player of the carnival Jarrah Thomas.

Coach and Encouragement award – Jessica Leane

This player is hard-working, she has excellent agility and settles the court play. She is a strong attack and defence player that moves the ball up and down the court with ease. She creates space and provides strong communication to all players on court. Unfortunately, her time was cut short during the carnival due to a warm up injury, however, she is a valuable asset and a fundamental member of the team and must be acknowledged for her outstanding performance as a player and a captain. Therefore, I would like to present Jess with the Coaches Award this year.

MVP – Abi Hills

The most valuable player throughout the carnival is selected by the coaches of the opposing team of each game. This year the most valuable player demonstrated determination in all games and lifted team spirit during warm up’s and on court. Her natural athleticism allowed for numerous intercepts and control of the ball throughout centre court and in defensive positions. From the team, myself and Miss Doherty, we greatly appreciate her coming away at such short notice and stepping up to the plate, not only on court but helping out where possible.

The MVP this year is awarded to Abi Hills.

Task Master Award – Skyie McCosker

The last award is the Task Master award. What is this you may ask?
As well as playing netball, I wanted the girls to have some extra fun during the week, therefore each of the girls were given a task to complete without any of the other girls figuring out or discovering what their task was.

To give you an idea, here are some of the tasks that were given.

  1. You must pretend there is a spider in your room, you must convince your whole room that it is huge, and you must pretend that you see it at least once every day.
  2. Without anyone knowing, you must hide each players shoes in your room at least once during the trip (could be under the bed, in the bathroom, behind the door), they cannot find out that it is you hiding them! you must also give Miss Doherty a compliment every day.
  3. You must play your favourite song every morning at breakfast and sing it out loud. After the song is over, you must say each time ‘I should be on the voice’.
  4. ‘You must take a selfie with each player of the team, you must pull a different face in every photo. You must then show them the photo and say, we could be models.’

The winner of the Task Master Award went over and beyond with their task, they managed to not only make Abi Hills run 500 meters away, but also managed to put me in tears for about 5 minutes. She not only pretended to see the spider and convince others it was huge, she bought a real life, hairy, vibrating red back.

The winner of the Task Masker award is Skyie McCosker