Weekend boarding activities

March 15, 2019 at 12:54 pm

This weekend there are many different activities on offer for our boarders. From sewing class to swimming and football.

This is also a reminder that Friday March 22 is the start of our ‘Give Back’ weekend. On the Friday night, Supervisors will assist our boarders to cook, decorate and wrap cakes for our Rockhampton Emergency Services Centres (Police, Fire, Ambulance & Hospitals). 
On Saturday, our boarders will deliver their gifts to each station and say a big thank you for the extraordinary work they do in our community.

Boarding Bulletin

March 8, 2019 at 3:31 pm

It has been an exciting few weeks here at Girls Grammar. A range of events gave the girls many opportunities to be engaged across academic and co- curricular  – their achievements are remarkable.

Today, International Women’s Day, was celebrated across the world. The theme #Balance for Better, looked at extraordinary women of our time and their achievements. It was a call to action for driving gender balance across the globe. Our International Women’s Day assembly was ably led by Dakota Cunzolo. Our guest speaker Jean Cottam, a past student, spoke passionately about her experience working in a male dominant industry, the agricultural industry. Jean shared with the girls her passion for the industry and her success. She encouraged the girls to believe in themselves and never give up.

The weeks are certainly moving at an extraordinary pace and the end of term will be upon us very soon. I am very proud of our boarders and their commitment during the past weeks. Please look at travel arrangements for your daughter and have these entered into the boarding leave electronic system, no later than Friday, March 29. This will allow Mrs Su Ung to coordinate travel plans and have the girls to trains/ buses and flights, where necessary.

You would have noticed our “Boarder Weekend Activities” are now on our social media pages each Tuesday. This gives you an indication of what is on and will allow you to discuss these with your daughter and plan. I am encouraging the girls to be involved in at least one to two activities each weekend. Activities are certainly not compulsory and we do look for no or low -cost activities around the Capricorn region. Erin Goodwin, our  Boarding Prefect, meets with me each week to look at our calendar of events and planning.

Our study after school has become a major focus with extraordinary support from our boarding staff and tutors. The girls are working extremely well and are planning regarding assessments and exams. If you have any concerns regarding your daughter’s study, please do not hesitate to contact me. Support for the girls is in place and I have encouraged each girl to take advantage of the out of hours subject specific tutoring timetable.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns regarding your daughter and her boarding experience.

Mrs Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn (Director of Boarding & Student Welfare)

A word from our Director of Boarding

February 15, 2019 at 3:59 pm

2018 Boarder’s Farewell Fundraiser

October 15, 2018 at 3:09 pm

News from Director of Boarding & Student Welfare

September 24, 2018 at 2:12 pm

We have reached the end of third term which is always busy but a rewarding experience for our students. A range of activities including our NAIDOC Assembly, Inter House Performing Arts Competition, Camp Week, Work Experience, Book Week, R U OK Day and the Naarah Austin Memorial Touch Carnival. These were all successful events and gave the students a rich experience of the RGGS Community.

A highlight of Term 3 was certainly Camp Week, where students participated in an outdoor adventure experience across years 5 – 9 and Year 11. Many students commented to me how they were challenged, especially the girls who attended the Year 9 camp at Noosa, where bike riding and canoeing took effort and determination amongst the patches of rain. Congratulations to the students who participated in camp week and to our committed staff who supported the students.

Our boarders spent the last week packing for the trip home and are very excited to spend the next two weeks with their family. The boarding school will re-open from 2.00pm Sunday October 7 and staff will be available in each dorm. A reminder of the Boarders long weekend, 20 – 22 October.

In week 8 the boarders enjoyed the Pyjama Party organised by Nadine Hay and the Year 12 girls. It was a great occasion and I thank the girls for their effort in making it so successful. My thanks to our Chef Leena for her work in preparing finger food for the event.

I would like to remind parents of the online boarding electronic leave system introduced in 2017. The link required is https://boarding.rggs.qld.edu.au/ . You will require your parent lounge log in and password. We have introduced a new section of leave called “unsupervised outings”. These are for times when the students request to go out in small groups for birthday celebrations etc. The details are to be entered into the leave system for approval, but please be aware these outings are not supervised by boarding staff. If you have any trouble in logging in, or completing the leave, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Term 4 will be exciting and for our Year 12 students, it will be a time to put in their absolute best academically and to also celebrate their time at RGGS. It has been a pleasure to work with our Year 12 boarders over the last couple of years. The length of time does not define the experience, I believe it is the quality of the girls in our care that makes boarding a daily joy.

It has been a fantastic year so far. I hope our students are having a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to reconnecting in Term 4.

Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn (Director of Boarding & Student Welfare)

Boarding Bulletin – Term 3 Week 6

August 31, 2018 at 4:03 pm

What a week of mixed emotions!

Anxiety, stress and worry leading into exams, relief and joy when the exam is over. Sadness and love as we farewelled our much-loved chef, Mark Thompson on assembly but grateful for the wonderful meals he has prepared, not only for us boarders but the entire Girls Grammar community.

For many, last weekend was a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality time with family on the Boarder’s long weekend.  For those that remained, there were plenty of activities to keep them entertained including watching the CQ Capras final home game against the PNG Hunters and an outing to the Dreamtime Cultural Centre.

Opti-minds was hosted at Girls Grammar on Sunday and we would like to thank and congratulate, not just the boarding students but, all those who volunteered their time and/or competed.

The girls are eagerly (and some with a little trepidation) preparing for various activities next week – Camp (Years 6,7,8,9 and 11), Work Experience (Year 10) and QCS testing (Year 12). We look forward to reporting on these events next week.

Weekend Activities – 31 Aug, 1 Sept, 2 Sept

On a final sombre note, our thoughts and prayers are with Director of Boarding, Mrs Hyde-Mewburn as she mourns the passing of her father.

Boarding Bulletin – Term 3 Week 5

August 24, 2018 at 2:41 pm

This weekend is the Boarder’s Long Weekend and students are not due to return to boarding until Monday afternoon. For students unable to return home there will be supervisors on duty and a number of activities planned.

Weekend activities 25, 26, 27 August

Some girls have taken advantage of staying in the dorms to prepare for exams and complete assessments. We are also hosting Opti-minds on Sunday and a number of boarders have volunteered their time to assist. Thank you girls!

Students from Year 10 – 12 will be participating in an assessment block from Tuesday 28 August to Friday 31 August. During this time, Years 11 and 12 will only be required to attend for their exams. I have tried to accommodate Year 11 and 12’s request to have some snacks available in the dorms during exam block. The girls will be able to have breakfast in the dorm if they wish (cereals, toast with spreads will be available).

Last weekend’s activities were enjoyed by all of the girls, in particular the Art Exhibition and walk along the waterfront on Friday night. A big thank you to Mrs Walker for the great photos, the girls certainly had a fabulous time.

Next week, I will be meeting with Year 10 girls to speak with them about the plan to move some girls to Kollar House, as we continue to receive more enrolments for boarding during the term. Our capacity in Jackson House has been met. Year 9 girls will move to Upper Jackson, allowing space in Lower Jackson. I know a move during term time is not ideal but some girls may be interested in a change. If so, I will work with them for a smooth transition.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Mrs Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn (Director Boarding and Student Welfare)

Boarding Bulletin – Term 3 Week 4

August 17, 2018 at 4:05 pm

After a weekend of fun activities it was back to business on Monday.

STEM Prefect and boarder, Kailee, along with Mrs Dey and Mr Borg coordinated week long activities to celebrate Science Week.

On assembly this week, Morgan was awarded Writer of the Week, Nonie received the Coaches Award for OzTag Allschools and Camryn was inducted into the Poly Wonga Hall of Fame for her selection in the National Under 13 and State Under 14 Indigenous Netball team. Congratulations girls!

Next week we celebrate Book Week and the RGGS Art Exhibition continues to run until 24 August.

Weekend Activities 17, 18, 19 August


Boarding Bulletin – Week 3 Term 3

August 10, 2018 at 3:53 pm

Our boarders have been very busy this week with extra curricular commitments. It’s great to see the girls out and about and actively participating in sport and cultural activities.

A highlight of the week was our Academic  Assembly on Wednesday and I was very proud sitting on stage watching so many of our boarding community congratulated by our Principal, Christine Hills. The year 12 boarders were also recognised for their achievement in the tug of war against the day girls at the athletics carnival. A great achievement and our year 12 boarders now await the cake cooked by the Principal. This has been a great tradition for many years.

There has certainly been a cold snap this week in Rockhampton and the girls have been rugged up more than usual at night. We are hoping for warmer weather to arrive. Our weekend activities will be listed each week in this Bulletin, so I ask you to encourage your daughter to get involved.

Last weekend Kollar House invited Year 10 to join them for a steak night on the verandah outside Year 11 dorm. The girls enjoyed cooking “great steak” on the barbecue and later danced the night away. It was an excellent night and will become a monthly activity for the girls.

Our younger girls have enjoyed the movies, restaurants, shopping trips and walks to the Botanical gardens and the Zoo. I am hoping more girls will make an effort to get involved and enjoy the activities on offer.

Weekend Activities 10th, 11th, 12th August

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn (Director of Boarding and Student Welfare)



Boarding Bulletin – Week 3 Term 2

May 2, 2018 at 4:23 pm

Director of Boarding and Student Welfare

March 29, 2018 at 4:02 pm

Boarding Term 1 Overview

What an excellent start to the 2018 school year and all I can say is it has been nothing less than extraordinary! Comprising of ten weeks, it seems just yesterday we were coming together as the RGGS Community at our welcome BBQ on the Terrace. As I reflect upon all that we have accomplished in the boarding house, you will agree we have squeezed in a great deal, including co – curricular, club sports, cultural events, weekend activities, exam preparation, assignments and much more.

At the commencement of term one, we welcomed 20 new boarding students to the boarding community. It is always a difficult time for our new boarders as they struggle with home sickness, a new environment, new classes and teachers. I am very proud of our new boarders and congratulate them on how well they have settled in.

Our boarding activities program during term one was a great success with the girls engaged in a range of activities. As I explained in my first Boarding Bulletin for the year, I have a focus in 2018 to engage the boarders in a variety of age appropriate weekend activities, get them out and about and away from their screens and online world, I believe this has been achieved during term one with high participation in most activities. Some highlights for the term included the Slip & Slide on the oval, the “Giving Back” weekend where the girls cooked over 150 brownies and delivered them to our emergency services workers, the Glitz and Glamour Mocktails for years 11 and 12, the car maintenance course, the year level dinners and the Queens Baton Relay event, just to name a few.

It has been a busy but rewarding term for our boarders and I would like to congratulate each girl for a wonderful start to the year. I can honestly say our girls are happy and settled and I thank the boarding staff for their exceptional care during the term.

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday and I look forward to welcoming the girls back for term two on the 16 April, as the boarders return day with classes commencing on Tuesday 17 April.

Student Welfare Information 

There has been much written in the media lately about supporting young people regarding cyber safety and the online world. Here at Girls Grammar we have been proactive and have developed a partnership with our local Police. Sn Sgt Kellie Hansen, Officer in charge of Rockhampton Police Station, joined our Care Mentors at a breakfast and discussed the possibilities of cyber safety talks for parents/ students from our local Police.

Week 5 we welcomed Detective Sgt Angus Kerr who spoke with our Year 7 – 10 students regarding online safety. Although we have much to do in this area of protecting and educating our girls regarding online safety, I believe we have made it a priority for 2018 and we will continue to work with our Technology staff and other local experts in getting up to date information.

Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn

Our boarders welcome PNG Uni students back to RGGS

March 13, 2018 at 8:24 am

Year 7 and 8 boarders had breakfast with our PNG University students this morning to say welcome back to RGGS.

Boarding Week 7 Wrap up

March 12, 2018 at 4:23 pm

Week 6 Boarding Wrap-up

March 5, 2018 at 2:08 pm

Boarding Bulletin – Week 5

February 27, 2018 at 11:36 am

Boarding Bulletin – Week 4

February 19, 2018 at 2:09 pm

Boarding Bulletin – Week 3

February 8, 2018 at 3:19 pm



Raven’s Japanese Exchange Experience

February 7, 2018 at 3:32 pm

This year is my first year at Girl’s Grammar, so I’m not well known. Over the recent holidays I won a scholarship to Japan for a month.  How I got this scholarship? I saw a poster about an exchange program to Japan. I love the Japanese culture.  I went to the website and found out that it was sponsored by Mitsui Coal Company with the help of AFS Intercultural programs. Exchanges are offered for different countries and lengths. I  applied to the one-month program by answering questions about myself and why I should be the one to have this exchange, I even had an online interview. I wasn’t sure if I would be successful but about 3 months later I was rewarded the scholarship.

On 28th November I flew to Sydney to have an orientation with the other exchange students and AFS, then flew to Japan. When I arrived in Japan I had a two-day orientation and then got to meet my host family. All the families where very different for each student. Some had younger siblings and some had older. Even though mine was the only family with older siblings, I had so much fun with them. One of my older sisters would sit with me every afternoon just to help me with my Japanese and the other would never stop making me laugh. My big brother was an Art teacher, so he would always teach me new art skills and we would always talk about the animes we like. Week days I went to language school to learn Japanese. My bonds grew with the other exchange students and they pushed me to things that were way out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad to say they all gave me confidence in everything. I had many friends during this period. On weekends it was a totally different story because my host family would take me out to experience the culture. My two favourite things were trying on a kimono and my big brother teaching me kendo. This was a really amazing experience and left me great memories.

I highly suggest to my fellow peers if you want to go on a foreign exchange, just go for it because you will never know unless you give it a go!

Arigatou gozaimasu

Raven AhChoo (Year 10)

End of Year Message from Director of Boarding & Student Welfare

November 29, 2017 at 3:24 pm

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students and their families for their support during 2017. As we come to the end of another successful year at Girls Grammar, I look back in disbelief that it has gone so fast. The year has been busy but a rewarding experience for our students in so many ways.

At our Awards Night recently, I sat proudly listening to the achievement of each girl called to the stage. The achievements extend from academic to sporting and to the creative arts across P-12. Each of the student’s effort and hard work is recognised and I hope they are also very proud of their achievements in 2017.

It is hard to pick a highlight of the year, as there have been so many, but one thing in particular I would like to mention is the Year 12 cohort of 2017. They were an amazing group of young women and have led the school with exceptional leadership. I wish them well for their future in whatever pathway they choose.

Boarding News

Our boarders were full of energy and excitement during the week leading up to their departure to return home for the holidays. It has been a wonderful year with the boarders and I wish them all a happy holiday with their families.

It is always a highlight of the boarding calendar when we farewell our Year 12 boarders with the Boarder Farewell Dinner in November each year. It was an excellent event and I thank Mrs Chris Oliver and all of the Year 10 students for their extraordinary effort and commitment throughout the year in raising funds and organising the night.

During my speech at the dinner, I spoke about inner strength as women and for our year 12 graduates leaving school there will be bumps in the road, joy and sadness in their journey ahead. I explained, for it is when we face the challenges head on that we become stronger women and find our confidence in the world. I shared with the girls my own personal story in losing my husband Mark suddenly in January 2016. I told them it  was the saddest time of my life but I also said there came a point when I knew I needed to find my inner strength and face the world. I encouraged the girls to find their inner strength when facing challenges ahead.

I wish to thank the boarding staff who have worked with the girls throughout the year. I would like to acknowledge Ms Laura Mehlhose who is leaving us to relocate to Brisbane. I thank Laura for her commitment to Girls Grammar over three years and wish her well for her future plans.

Thank you once again to our boarding families and your support during 2017. I look forward to working with you all in 2018 and I hope you have a wonderful time during the holidays with your daughters.

Welfare News

Parenting Ideas– RGGS is a member of Parenting Ideas and I invite you to get online and browse practical tips in raising confident kids and resilient young people. Michael Grose is one of Australia’s leading parent educators and has published, Spoonfed Generation, Thriving and many more.


Referral Agencies in Rockhampton –  Recently I have been speaking with a number of referral agencies in Rockhampton, including Child Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS) based at the Rockhampton Hospital, Headspace and Wahroonga. All of these agencies have a variety of services including counselling, assessments and group therapy sessions. If you require any information on services available, please contact me.

Cyber Safety I would like to refer parents to a resource called Internet Safe Education. You are invited to read regular articles on the ever changing digital environment from this website. Updates from the Internet Safe Education website, inform parents and care givers about topical internet safety issues and provide practical tips for ensuring safety for children of all ages. Go to www.InternetSafeEducation.com.au

Wishing you all a happy holiday and I look forward to 2018.

Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn, Director of Boarding & Student Welfare

Message from Director of Boarding and Student Welfare

June 23, 2017 at 11:10 am

It is hard to believe that Term 2 is at an end and the well–deserved holidays for students and staff commence at the end of this week. It has certainly been a long ten weeks and I am aware students are tired and ready for the break.

Although we had a number of public holidays earlier this term, there have been many successful events, activities and co–curricular opportunities during the term. Upon reflection I am amazed at what has been accomplished.

I would like to especially thank the girls for their participation in the ANZAC ceremonies, Red Shield Doorknock Appeal, Bake for Clarke Creek fundraiser, Relay for Life and RSPCA Day. All of these events connected students to the local Community and gave them a sense of pride and spirit as a Girls Grammar Girl.

Student Welfare –

I would like to refer parents to a resource called Internet Safe Education. You are invited to read regular articles on the ever changing digital environment from this website. Updates from the Internet Safe Education website, inform parents and care givers about topical internet safety issues and provide practical tips for ensuring safety for children of all ages. Go to www.InternetSafeEducation.com.au

Their latest blog – Apps for Concern outlines some of the 5 most popular apps you should be aware of and these include; Secret Calculator, Yellow (Tinder for Teens) Musical.ly, Meetime and Twitch. These are explained in detail when you log on to the website and go to the Internet Safe Blog section. If you have any concerns regarding internet safety or cyber bullying, please do not hesitate to contact me or your daughter’s Care Mentor.

Boarding –

Students are eagerly packing for the trip home and are very excited to spend three weeks with their family. Our boarding community have participated in many events during the term and in particular a special thank you to Layla Wilson for her work with other year 12 students in organising the Bake for Clarke Creek. This was a boarding school initiative and the girls baked cakes and organised a cake sale for the Clarke Creek State School, which was damaged after the floods post TC Debbie.

During the holidays I will be sending an email to all boarding parents as the process for leave has changed. It will now be processed online through the RGGS Boarding School System, commencing Term 3. The new system connects families to the boarding houses to make requesting and granting of leave efficient, effective and secure. I will provide instructions on the process and I will be available to speak with parents and caregivers regarding any difficulties during the implementation phase. I am hoping the new system will make things easier for you when requesting leave for your daughter.

Once again, it has been a fantastic term and I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. I look forward to reconnecting in term 3.

Mrs Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn (Director of Boarding and Student Welfare)

Solo17 Inspirational Young visitor

May 22, 2017 at 1:58 pm

Olliver O’Halloran is a 17 year old student from Tasmania who is flying solo around Australia. Ollie had a stop over in Rockhampton we offered to put him up for the night. He had breakfast with our Boarders on Sunday 21 May. He spoke about his passion for flying and his desire to become the youngest person in the world to fly around Australia in 17 days. Ollie kindly left a cash donation for our Clarke Creek School fundraiser, too. The staff and students cheered Ollie on as he flew out of Rockhampton on his way to Cairns.Our school chef Mark made him a healthy take away lunch and spoilt him with a selection of his delicious slices and cakes. Ollie will carry an RGGS Sports cap on the dash of his plane and has an RGGS Sticker on his plane.

Flexible boarding options with our Boarding Plus Program

February 16, 2017 at 11:11 am

Please contact us if you are interested in our flexible boarding options.

BPlus 1B Plus 2

Boarding News from Jackson Dorm

October 17, 2016 at 4:01 pm

boarding-cupcakesOn Sundays the Jackson House girls have started baking with Amanda.  Amanda used to bake beautiful cakes and sweets commercially at a small cafe in Yeppoon.  On Sunday of Week 1 the girls made ‘Diva’ cupcakes.  The girls learnt the fundamentals of baking cupcakes from scratch, consumed more of the batter before baking (of course!) and had a ball decorating the cupcakes.  Next week the girls will be making a traditional South African ‘Melktert’ as the girls are doing a Japanese assignment on different cultures.  Amanda was born and raised in South Africa so I’m sure this will be a great experience for the girls.

Ms Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn
Director of Boardingboarding-cupcakes-1