Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees was announced in Volume 372 Queensland Government Gazette on Friday 27 May 2016.


Ross Johnson – ChairBoard Gazette

John Bryant – Treasurer

Noel Livingston – Deputy Chair

Hilarie Dunn

Gail Godwin-Smith

Jennifer Luck

Kenneth Murphy


Secondary Speech Night Address, Friday 18 November 2016

Highlights and Important Events

Many positive and important events occurred during 2016.  I will mention only some.

At the beginning of the year our new Principal, Mrs Christine Hills commenced.  This is my first opportunity to welcome Christine in front of the whole school.  It seems a little late to be welcoming someone especially when so much has happened since the start of the year.  A belated welcome Christine.

As expected, Christine commenced the year with great energy.  She immediately focused on lifting academic standards of the school.  The success of this can be seen from this year’s NAPLAN results.  The results have already been highlighted on the school’s website and Facebook page.  The results are impressive and I can’t help but highlight some of them again:-

  1. Rockhampton Girls Grammar School ranked 4th private school in Queensland for Year 5 writing and in the top 1% of the state (out of 1408 primary schools).
  1. Rockhampton Girls Grammar School ranked in the top 7% of the state for Year 7 writing (out of 550 secondary schools).
  1. Every girl in Years 3, 5 and 7 reached the national benchmark across all the literacy and numeracy strands. Rockhampton Girls Grammar School is the only school in Queensland to achieve this result.

This of course could not be achieved without the support of our dedicated and professional teaching staff.  Thank you to our teaching staff.

Christine did not just focus on academic standards and has applied her energy and enthusiasm across the range of school activities.

This year has seen a substantial portion of the Paterson House roof replaced or refurbished.  It will provide much needed protection to the museum being developed by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

The dining room has been refurbished, and of course, our dedicated chef, Mark Thompson and the kitchen staff continue to provide outstanding meals to our boarders and day students who wish to avail themselves of the benefits of the dining room.

Thank you to Mark and the kitchen staff.

Next year will see the refurbishment of the reception/front office area and the terrace.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees was appointed by the Governor-in-Council in May this year.  I welcome the new board members, Gail Godwin-Smith, Hilary Dunn and Ken Murphy.  Our continuing board members are Noel Livingston (Deputy Chair), John Bryant (Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee) and Jenny Luck.

Thank you to all board members for your contribution and commitment to RGGS.

Thank you again to the retiring board members, Dr Roberta (Bobby) Harraveld, Vicki Bastin-Byrne and Mark Wilson who willingly continued in the trustee role for several months until the new board was appointed.

Our Vision

Women can achieve anything.

Our vision is achieved by the contribution of many –

I have already spoken about our Principal, dedicated teaching staff, chef, kitchen staff and Board. There are also:

  • The administration staff, the boarding staff and the grounds people;
  • The Parents and Friends Association;
  • The Old Girls’ Association;
  • The Race Day Committee who continue to astound us with the best race day in Rockhampton every year.

Thank you to each group and every person who assist us to achieve our vision – women can achieve anything.

Year 12 graduates

To the young ladies who are graduating –

Your school song says “not only for school but for life we are learning”.  Very soon you will be leaving this wonderful school and heading in different directions.

Don’t panic!

The next step is not determining your entire future.  It is just one step along life’s journey.  Choose a direction, be confident in yourself, give it all your energy and see where it leads. You may be surprised! There are many choices out there. Some you don’t know about and many don’t even exist yet. Every one of you will have a different journey and sometimes things happening in your life won’t make sense immediately – don’t worry!  Be patient!  It will make sense in time.

We wish you success in the things you choose to do.


Ross Johnson.